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  1. The average attendance of Ferroviário (CE) should be corrected. They were champions of the Brazilian Fourth Division this year and will be playing the 3rd in 2019. Their average attendance was of 2,307., (the largest in decades!) and their best attendance was of 6,407 in the Final. But in FM the average attendance set as 5,000 for many years and its maximun attendance is 10,000. I don't believe there's this much Ferroviário fans at all!! Hope you can take a look at this! https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campeonato_Brasileiro_de_Futebol_de_2018_-_Série_D#Médias_de_público
  2. There has been five years since the Chapecoense stadium was expanded and its name changed. The new stadium name is "Arenda Condá", instead of "Regional Indío Condá" and the new capacity is 20,089 all seater (the max attendance was 19,175 in 2014). After the plane crash in 2016, plans of another capacity extension were announced. It's supposed to be done by 2021 and the new capacity would be of around 31,000. I live in Chapecó and know this to be a fact. Hope it's corrected https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_Condá https://globoesporte.globo.com/sc/futebol/times/chapecoense/noticia/chape-protocola-projetos-e-espera-liberacao-da-caixa-para-reforma-de-r-15-milhoes-na-arena-conda.ghtml
  3. I'm playing in the Uruguayan Second Division and received a message that my team was free from relegation (as you can see on the prints), but in the average points table, wich counts for relegation, I'm still on the relegation zone. This happens probably because in this years table I'm more the six points ahead from bottom two with two games missing, but it isn't this table that counts for the relegation.
  4. I'm having a lot of trouble here.. Season 2011 in Brazil is over and season 2012 has already started. So I added all the results from 2011 competitions so i could start 2012 season fresh, with all the relegations/promotions and teams in continental competition. But whats happening over and over again is that when I start a game in the 2012 season, FM has replayed almost all the brazilian competitions of 2011, setting two champions in 2011 and messing it up with my game. I've already set all the competitions to only start on 2012, but it doesnt work. So I figure it could be because the season was starting too soon (nov/11) when the league is still active. So I tried to put the same dates the official data base: end of season 4.12, new season 9.1 and season update 2.1, but the editor simply wont accept, saying that that date cannot be between 26/12/11 and 24/12/12. Why is this? =( help me please! spent so much time updating it all! thx! Lucas Medeiros.
  5. that just sucks... just gotta wait for an update that changes that for me and hopefully update Ceará State Championship as well... Then I can just make my emends...
  6. Isnt there anyway I could just edit the competitions I like? This way I gotta redo the entire country with all its 27 regional tournaments... And theres no way to keep it perfectly with the editor...
  7. What do you mean? I already tried to add nations rule but i still cant edit those! =(
  8. Hello! Lately there has been some changes in Brazil 3rd division.. I'ts gonna be played in two groups instead of four. But I can't edit the league because its ruler are somehow "locked" How do I fix this? I'd also like to change some State Championship rules but I get the same problem! It's like I can only edit the competitions I invented myself. Could some one please help me? Thanks! Lucas Medeiros, from Brazil
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