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  1. For the dutch users, I have bought my copy the last two years here: https://www.mediaoffer.nl/pc/1401 It kosts 32,95 euro here.
  2. In your update El hamdoui from is ajax is transfered to espanyol, but in real life he still plays at ajax.
  3. I tested it with Ajax for 5 games in the league, won all. Had 13 for and 3 against.
  4. I usually give all my players 1 day rest after every game, I find it helps allot against the tiredness.
  5. I have sold him in january of the first season for 1 million to milan. They just offered it for him, they are crazy. He wants that I pay 58000 of his wages. I did it because its cheaper than keeping him.
  6. I just started with juventus. I only bought sorensen en yurchenko for free. I alway seem to buy him because he scores always. I see that Luca Toni has a big wage, what do you guys do with him?
  7. How are he finances of Juve in the new patch. I just received my new laptop so I am thinking of starting with Juve this evening.
  8. Do we also have a record for most premier league wins in a row, or champions league wins in a row? I won 5 in a row for both. I will post a screen, but I think someone has a bigger record.
  9. Haha thank you, and I was looking through all the pages!
  10. Where did you download this tactic, but I can't find it.
  11. I am also playing with Pescara, I have just started the 8th season. They are a great sleeping giant, because al the sponsors you got. When you get better you get more money. I have been champions for 2 times and I have won the Champions League 2 times. I really enjoy this save.
  12. I have used the classic tactic with Barcelona in the first season. This where the results: http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5228025&postcount=1108 I have only made one tweak, and that is putting the dc's on manmarking. Zlatan really loves the tactic.
  13. I am using the tactic with chelsea. I find it great, but I have allot of long shots. Has someone got a trick to reduce them?
  14. I have just converted the eagle tactic, I am now trying it with juve.
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