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  1. i am still doing great in 12.2.0.i tweaked the defence during the season,played 7 games so far with the new patch,just conceded 1 goal.that also when my 2nd team played everton in godson park in league cup semifinal after i thrashed them in the first leg,7-0,i still won 2-1.and the 7-0 was in the new patch too.i am loving it.

    What did you tweak, because I find my defence is getting a bit shaky now

  2. I am using Coentrao and marcelo as my backs beacuse I dont play with wingers. They both do great, what kind of leftback are you looking for?

    I am using Otamendi together with pepe at the back. Albiol and Varane are great at backup. And Varane is getting better and better.

    I am using Carvalho as thirth backup because nobody wants to but him, his contract runs out at the end of the season.

    Just Won the first 2 prizes of the season. The european supercup with 3-2 against Tottenham.

    And the Spanish supercup with 7-0 over two legs against Granada, with our hero Raul returning with 5 goals in 2 supercup games.

  3. I am playing with 3 strikers.

    Ronaldo, Higuain and Benzema.

    Ronaldo scores 54 goals in 25 games.

    Higuain scores 22 goals in 26 games.

    Benzema 16 goals in19 games.

    I have also retrained di maria and kaka as strikers. And somethimes I play Jese.

    The other key players where Alonso and Ozil at the central midfield.

    I have just finished my transfers, for the first team only Raul for free and Otamendi for 13M.

    Also bought some youthplayers.

    This season I can only lose. Ill try to win everything now.

  4. Definitely! He can be replaced with much better players for much less or similar fees. Look into Javi Martinez as a replacement for a good, young Spanish player who'll play for you and Spain for years to come and will cost, at most, £28M.

    I decided not to sell him because, I only wanted Javi Martinez as a replacement. But Bilbao wouldnt sell him to me. No I am going to have him and hope somebody will try to buy him in January. But when I think about it nobody will offer me so high as 23,5M.

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