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  1. Thanks for the tip on the training schedules, I will try them out before the start of the second season.

    How do you guys manage to keep up the interest/motivation for an FC Bayern game? I will most likely win the league (unless I have a total breakdown) and I have a good chance at winning the Cup too and this is after only having signed Kaboul and Welbeck (loan) before the start of the season and then Damiao in January. I haven't signed any staff yet except for two scouts and I have kept the default training schedules...it seems like there isn't really any challenge within Germany for the mighty Bayern and I'm afraid that I will lose interest quite soon with this save. Ah well, let's see what happens to the other teams...

    I am trying to create an all German squad, and then try to become the manager of Germany.

    Finished my first season last night, won the league and the champions league.

  2. Hi guys,

    I've just started a "Die Bayern" save on 12.2 and I'm doing Ok. Trying to develop my own tactic and with the first 11 that Bayern has it works pretty well and I'm topping the table and having a good time in CL too. It's still early days (November first season) and I haven't really changed the squad that much, I brought in Kaboul from Spurs and Danny Welbeck on loan from Man Utd and this Welbeck guy is doing really well, so good that I'm thinking about not playing him anymore so that I don't help his development...

    I have a greed a deal for Damiao now for January (£16,5 million over 4 years) and I hope he'll do fine obviously and I might go for Vertongen if I can sell some of the current players but there's no rush really at the moment, the squad is good as it is.

    A couple of questions though:

    1. Do you play Robben on the right and Ribery on the left like in real life? I do that but my staff is complaining the they need their positions retrained, a bit odd I think.

    2. Can anybody recommend and provide a link to a good training schedule? I have never taken time to understand this part of the game and is too lazy to start learning now... :-)

    This is my first proper save in Germany and there should be a lot of success with FC Bayern but I'm looking forward to dominating this game again (like I've done with Spurs in the past (FM2010)).


    I am using this training schedules and they work great for me:


  3. Just a quick wondering question like as I see you have Messi available for the Barcelona B team, now I know in real life Messi wants to play every minute of every game but even he'd draw a line at a B team run out. :) Surely the risk outweighs the benefits, I mean I always wanted Messi fully fit and firing for big games so whilst I didn't rest him greatly, I took him off in safe scoreline games and didn't for one second think about letting him have a kick around in B team, even if returning from injury. So did he play many B team matches?

    Oh and I also signed Botia, hasn't featured much for first team but is a good backup if need and is a key figure in my B team, cany go wrong considering £2.5m outlay.

    I have bought Botia as a backup, because the low transfer fee.

    Messi played only one game for the B team, because I saw that they were going down. So I had made my whole first team available for the b team. They won and didnt go down. But I dont let messi play for them again because he got injured for 2 months.

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