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  1. Club: Ajax Transfer Budget: 10 mill Wage Budget:550.000 Position: ball-winning midfielder support With: Other: Loyalty Bonus: Agent Bonus: Season: begi season 2
  2. Is anyone interested in a save where dutch club NEC gets a tycoon? It is in 2022 so there arent many real players left. Here is the save, you can also play with Ajax. I have resigned them they have also allot of money but no Sugardaddy. http://www.filedropper.com/tycoonnec
  3. Lierse is getting a takeover by a Malaysian businessman: If anyone is interested, I will upload the game. Scrap this, the tycoon has whitdrawn his interest
  4. What atributes do de midfielders need? Because I am looking if I can use it for my Ajax save
  5. In the beginning when i am in the friendlies. Some times after a game and sometimes just when I click continue
  6. I am getting allot of crashes with your update, are more people having that problem?
  7. I think I am gonna reject it. Because I have fischer who is gonna take his place but not now. And nobody better than him is gonna join me.
  8. Selling: Player Name: Christian Eriksen Your Team: Ajax Buyer/Seller: Man City Player's Value: 14.25 million Offer: 53 million Transfer/Wage Budget: Patch: 13.3.3 Season: 2 I have fischer coming on his place, but he isnt good enough
  9. Help Man city have made an offer for 53 million euro. What shal I do?
  10. I have just started a new game with PSG, but is this normal: To view bigger right click and open in new window.
  11. Jurgen Klopp went in mine save from Dortmund to Barcelona. Now HSV who are 8th in the league, have there manager leave to join Chelsea. Has anyone have other examples of unrealistic job changes?
  12. Just started a new game with Ajax with the latest update. Selected the option so I don't have a transfer budget. I only sigend Litmanen and Hargreaves on a free, so they can tutor. I have terminated the loan of cuenca, because I have to pay his wages and he is injured for 9 months The tactic I am gonna play is a 4-5-1 with inside forwards. Eriksen and De Jong on the midfield. Won the first price of the season, the Supercup with 4-2 after after extra time
  13. If you need a defender you really need to buy Jan Kirchhoff, I am playing with an update so he came in the second season. He became player of the year in Germany. Played 32 games in the league scoring 9 goals and had an average of 7.78. And yes he begins great in the first match of the season, 3 goals and a 9.8!! Now in the 3th season I brought olic in for free, because he is an awsome tutor and became top goalscorer in Germany. Also Khedira came for 4.9 million euro, and bought ottl on a free for 1 season. This because I sold Luiz Gustavo. I wanted to play the 3th season with my talented regens, but they arent 17 yet.
  14. In the second season I also qualified really quick, dont know exactly how soon. But now in the 3th season going to play with allot of youngsters.
  15. How dit you train that Vucko? Only on positional training or also individual attributes?
  16. How are you training him, he is allot better than with me. And he is also 22
  17. Ah oke gonna try it! Have just unlearned him to shoot from distance.
  18. How can you get his decisions up? Because I only see long shots in the training!
  19. in the ml version you gave the right dc the defend duty, is this correct or should it be the cover duty?
  20. Now lets see if your tactic still works the same with the new update. My fm just updated to 13.2.3
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