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  1. I am using this tactic with Man city, but I find that I am conceding to much in the second season. Does anyone have a tweak to use?
  2. Hello Knap, I am using your 106 tactic. But it seems my striker needs to many chances to score.Do you have any tips?
  3. I found out that my gk's play the ball in the feet of the opposite team, when they are out of position. So the opposite team scores allot from distance in an empty goal. I have put the CF of the Gk's on little but it doesnt help. Has anyone have another idea?
  4. I am now using your latest 2 versions for away and home with villarreal. I am now undefeated in the last 7 games and the last 5 games a havent got a goal against. I am loving it!!!
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