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  1. Got all three results right today, 10k on Netherlands, 5k on Japan and 5k on the draw. Lost all the smaller ones, but that only set me back about 5k in total.
  2. another right result, should've put the full 10k on but I wimped out.
  3. Only have 3k in my hand now Cmon Japan.
  4. Won on Netherlands but lost 1k on Bendter fgs. Greece seem to be very overrated so there's pretty good odds on argentina to win 2.25 iirc.
  5. Yeah really hope the heskey slating has died off a little bit, was obvious what he brought to the team. Obviously a 4-5-1 could be good but this system works, just rusty finishing and final ball today.
  6. Was a lovely chip, the ball for torres just before that was amazy too.
  7. Busquets spent half the game on the floor
  8. Haven't looked troubled against Poland so far
  9. Tbh when you hoof it all day you're never going to get tackled and you're much less likely to get injured.
  10. England to win a match on penalties.
  11. Came in here to say I'd have dropped Upson as Carragher could cover centre back along with right back and then probably take Johnson, but I don't think he'd have got a game with Milner/Lennon/SWP/Cole all in front in the pecking order so maybe Capello is right.
  12. My Dad's been saving up for ages for it, don't even want to think about how many credit cards he maxed out along the way though. Haven't actually asked him exact prices but there's 4 of us going so it's a hell of a lot of money, but it'll be worth it as long as we don't go out in the groups.
  13. Surely the media going crazy after us winning it is more than acceptable, I think them rimming Capello and co would be much more fun than listening to and reading crap about the scape goat that cost us the game. In all honesty if we do win it, the last thing on my mind will be the media. Who else is going to this btw? We've got tickets to England vs Slovenia and then any matches they get to after that. Would have gone for the start had my brother not had his GCSE exams up to the 21st.
  14. Has carrick played well for Man Utd this season btw? Thought he was decent when he came on for England and would maybe like to see him play with Barry in midfield with Lampard just ahead of them and Gerrard and Lennon getting wide.
  15. Only just started this, do I need to join a group to swap or what? Confused as to how just to show people what I want when when there's so many people I need. Have loads of swaps already: Osorio, Shittu, Ji Sung (x2), Walcott, Defoe, Klose, Stojkovic (x2), Juan, Yum Nam, Nam Chol Need all the stickers for the first two pages + all the country badges.