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  1. Thinking about the 1 month challenges I'm thinking that maybe one based on a player who has to play in goal for a season and awards are rewarded for highest finish, Most Clean Sheets, Most Games played in goal, highest average rating. Was thinking some midtable side.
  2. Monthly Challenges would be fantastic Dafuge, really good as it'd mean taking a break from games to do these smaller, quicker challenges. I'm thinking more along the lines of a tactics challenge, seperate the men from the mice But they could end up with things like: - attacking challenge (winner is manager with most goals scored), - defensive (most clean sheets) - entertaining (biggest crowds/most goals per game) - rotation (most players to make 10+ appearances) - sporting (Best disciplinary) - set pieces (most goals from set pieces) Obviously these would only be one season games to make it easier to have a winner. And would have to be played with a selected team, if people are tyed on the selected section then it would come down to their performance in the league/cup. Some of the ideas are a bit weak but it would stretch the tactical knowledge of the participants.
  3. Goals can't be watched after a certain time anyway, I'm guessing it's due to the amount of memory it takes to store goals worldwide. Good idea but I can't see it being including.
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