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  1. Hi all, Looking for a new laptop Gaming wise it is only FM I play Would need to be able to run Photoshop etc going forward Have a budget of £1800
  2. See thats where it is odd, the only people to offer me an interview are two league two sides and a conference side so I dont think it is that I am unrealistic for them
  3. But surely that should change dependent on how you do Champions in Championship, Champions League spaces and FA Cup win and Premiership Manager of The Year in 2 years and yet a league one club would not even offer me an interview seems a harsh basis for the game to follow
  4. Just to say carried on and got Middlesborough into the C.League places in first season, won the FA Cup and was voted manager of the year in the Premiership My contract expires so I leave them Wait a few months and Villa are now in league one and mid table but still rich, apply for job but do not get interview ( get the standards of other candidates being higher ) they appoint a league two interim manager of a team in relegation zone, apply for Wolves 18th in Championship and get the same no interview Surely that is a bug? If so will pass it over to the bugs forum
  5. I get that to a degree but the idea that Villa who have rich financial status and finished 7th in the league would appoint a manager with no Villa connection who finished mid table in league one makes little sense to me Same with the relegated sides all swapping managers who got sacked two days beforehand I know its never perfect so maybe not a bug but seemed slightly off to me
  6. Would people say this is a bug? Just taken Middlesbrough up from Champtionship to Premiership 2 Teams relegated from Premiership and Villa in Championship, fancy a challenge so apply for them Villa reject me in favour of appointing Chesterfield manager 14th in League one Everton ( relegated ) reject me in favour of Tony Pulis - just sacked after getting WBA relegated Sunderland ( relegated ) reject me in favour of Koeman - just sacked after getting Everton relegated Seem very odd appointments to me- whether I got the job or not
  7. Thanks, amended the link its the ASUS X555UA if it does not work above
  8. Thanks a lot Would this one be any good? http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-x555ua-15-6-laptop-black-10137771-pdt.html Have £100 PCWorld voucher that I could use as well ( although not essential ) Not had an Asus Laptop so not sure what they are like
  9. Hiya all, Budget of around £600 Graphics not as important to me - run FM in 2D anyway but speed is most important and needs to be able to run work software such as Photoshop on In terms of FM I only really normally have 3 or 4 nations loaded most the time
  10. Hiya, I have just over a year on contract so compensation should not be huge My reputation is 2 out of 5 stars and decent and my past experience was professional footballer ( national level ) Just think its odd to not even get an interview
  11. Still having an issue with manager reputation, took over at Newcastle in Championship, won the league then next season qualified for the Champions League and same season after + final of FA cup Everton are 19th and sacked manager and don't even get an interview Looking at my profile I am still 2 stars, surely should be higher than that
  12. Hiya, Manager of Tranmere Have got promotions from the National League all the way up to the Championship where I was predicted to be bottom but am 4th at Xmas Applied for both QPR job - they are in league one and Crystal Palace - the same - and for both I have not even made the shortlist Now I am not suggesting I walk the jobs but surely I should be making the interview stages? Is this a bug?
  13. Hiya Neil, Just to say lowering the graphics to medium ( I do 2D anyway so not an issue really ) has reduced it to a max of 79C so that is obviously where the issue is somewhere
  14. Just to say I put the same during the feedback thread a few days ago, FM 2015 was fine but FM 2016 is getting above 90+ during matches Not having issues with any other software as well which is odd
  15. Is anyone else experiencing really hot temps with the game ( had nowhere near the same on FM 2015 ) getting 95C at times on my I7 and it handles most things very well
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