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  1. Saint-Maximin at Newcastle doesn't have English as a spoken language despite the fact he has clearly mastered Anglo-Saxon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XNBjheLQYY
  2. Jetro Willems (Eintracht Frankfurt on loan at Newcastle United) tore an ACL on January 18th which is expected to keep him out for 6-9 months but he has no injury on today's db update. Is this deliberate or an omission?
  3. I'd love to know this. It's easy to do transfer bans, but I couldn't work out how to a ban a team from a competition.
  4. Small database with 8 leagues loaded, I have some custom alterations but they only add one player and change some financial and attendance stats. When the bug occurs everything becomes choppy including the mouse cursor. Video playing on the second display drops frames, basic operations like maximising a file explorer window become sluggish.
  5. I'm using the "High" graphics preset and performance is fine during games, but in pre-match press conferences GPU usage hits 100% and brings my whole system to a crawl. DxDiag.txt
  6. Another gripe probably mentioned many times elsewhere, but I'm having trouble with my match screen widgets. They're sometimes swapped from my own team to the opposition and sometimes disappear from one half or match to the next. Also, if I click on a the match details for a match my club isn't involved in it totally buggers them up.
  7. I'm getting really tired of the state of transfer negotiations in the game. Time and time again I'm bidding many, many times the "value" of the player and getting flat rejection. For instance, I just tried to sign a teenage player currently in an under 19s squad, getting paid £45pw and valued at £160k. I got up to an offer of £7m (not that I would have paid it) and still wasn't even offered a negotiated option. This happens even with players designated as "decent" or "rotation", and even small clubs that could never turn down this kind of money refuse to even negotiate. It turns what used to be one of the more pleasurable aspects of the game into an utter chore. It seems to me there is something wrong with either the way public player values are calculated or with the way AI clubs do business.
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