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  1. Really want the dark skin also!!
  2. My bad, I posted this into a different thread before I saw this wishlist one... Is it just me or should there be an option you can select where you could play through a game and never get sacked? Don't get me wrong, I'm very competitive and I play like it, but having to start over with a new team every time you get sacked sort of sucks for those managers out there who just want to have a go at one particular team. My suggestion is to include such a 'Can't Be Sacked' option so that you can play feeling assured that you don't have to start over if you make a huge error or your team goes awry in the table. Sometimes people (or again, is it just me?) want to play for the fun of it, doing what they want to and trying to live a fantasy life of being a manager without all the pressure of having to start over. Sort of a sandbox mode if you will. I'll give you an example: In last year's version I was playing Bognor Regis. In two seasons I had them promoted into the Conference Premier and not only gotten them out of the red, but also made them a few hundred grand. I got great players and received no complaints from the players or the Board. During those two seasons I wasn't expected by the Board to do anything other than mid-table mediocraty in the league farther down (can't remember if it was North or South). BUT...instead of getting a new contract they decided to go with someone else. I absolutely did not get that. I poured a lot into just those two seasons and I felt extremely jipped that with all the positive headway I made, I still had to start over. Incredibly lame. I was so mad that I abandoned the 2008 version for the last 6 months before purchasing 2009. I would think it not very difficult to include a No-Sacking option in the game. All you'd have to do select a checkbox to disable the board from sacking you and instead offering you a new contract every spring. That's it, that's all, no harm no foul. Everything else could remain the same. Suggestions/comments?
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