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  1. As forameuss suggested, this is only true once the game is loaded; this rule can be adjusted in the Editor, correct?
  2. Ouch. This game would be unplayable for me without the IGE and FMRTE
  3. Fair enough, but that's what the editor(s) are for
  4. There are still people who press conference in this game?
  5. I'm almost positive the game tells you the number of players in either the Add/Remove Leagues screen or the Detail Level screen (in the bottom right corner?); but I can't fire it up right now to confirm. Failing that, there is a certain Scout that will tell you this...
  6. Yeah, if you are already in the editor, just change his preferences away from manager and to DOF...or AssMan and that should help you retain him.
  7. One of the best uses of the IGE as far as I'm concerned. As Cougar said, just max out your AM's MM and Motivating and he'll take care of the PC mini-game for you relatively hassle free.
  8. If you have the IGE you can just use the Remove All Unhappiness option when in your "conversation" with the player. It really is a godsend until they improve this feature.
  9. It's a feature with good intentions. Unfortunately, it only works well enough to satisfy a certain type of player (of FM, that is). Everyone else either gets frustrated by it or just works around it (IGE).
  10. Not sure if you use for it anything else, but the IGE is great for these interactions.
  11. Does it matter at all if the league they go on loan to is a fully playable league? I thought I read a while back they'll develop more (assuming they are a first team regular at both) at a league that is vs a league that isn't.
  12. Wonderful idea. Is it already listed in the wishlist thread, then? Let's hope it gets implemented.
  13. Which, again, is why it's great that SI give us tool to fix this if we don't like it. While, ultimately, I think it would be better if it was a Preference option rather than something to have to use the IGE to fix, at least it's manageable (no pun intended). And I can understand that at big clubs a lot of players whine about playing time; I get it. But the two things that just push it beyond the realm of reality for me is that the issue persists down to the lowest leagues (and their extremely low rep players and teams) and the fact that it doesn't count non-league games (even Champions Leag
  14. What's wonderful about a single player game is that you can play it your way and I can play it mine and neither of us is affected by the other's actions. And what's great about FM specifically is that through both the database and in-game editors, a player is given tools to adjust many aspects of the games "playability" to suit their own individual expectations.
  15. There's no stopping the whole "asking for more playing time" feature. Even if they sign a contract to be a backup and you give them regular cup matches, they'll still show up after a few weeks and say "I know you see me as just a backup, but..." It's the lone reason I use the IGE: I pretend to have the conversation and the just "Remove All Unhappiness". Sure, you have to do it a few times a month, but it's better than losing the dressing room. It's one of the oddest "features" in the game.
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