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  1. Barcelona for one season and Celta for few months. I couldnt get into other saves usually.
  2. I just cant get into game. This is the FM i played the least probably. I really want to play, can anybody recommend me what to do to find motivation to play?
  3. Damn yesterdays game makes me wanna start with Liverpool, what a comeback!
  4. Is anyone making new Leicester City thread? Or why was the old one deleted?
  5. So far enjoying my Celta save, first season. In January curentlly 3rd place. But transfers window was so far a bad one. I lost Orellana, Fontas and Radoja because big clubs from other countries activated their buyout clauses. Gonna have to find a good replacements if we want to secure Champions League place this season.
  6. Yeah. Luckily i didnt lose any of players yet because i always start with disabled first transfer window to keep it realistic. Hugo Mallo asked for improved contract so i gave him that. I asked the board to give me more wage budget but they rejected, i hope we will fix this soon because we are in red numbers spending over wage budget. The only player that came to me wanting to leave is Orellana so i will need to sell him in January which is shame because hes been fantastic so far and looks like United will snap him.
  7. Currently enjoying my Celta save. But Minimum Fee Release Clause for some players is so low. It will be hard to keep some of them because they are wanted by big clubs.
  8. I started with Celta and was suprised with how his stats look.
  9. Cant wait for update anymore so i started new save in Championship with Middlesbrough.
  10. It will be compatible. But if you want to use latest transfers you will need to start a new one.
  11. Wait for new update, which is hopefully coming soon and then start with Leicester City
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