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  1. The transfer deal set up in the editor will be loaded into the game. It's correct that the sell-on-clause goes to the third party as that's what is set in the editor. Like would happen with a club situation, club A sells player A to club B for a fee + sell on %. When club B sells that player on they owe the sell on % back to club A. The only difference here is that club A is an agent.
  2. Even if they're fully developed, a change of this nature would likely see him decline from their peak earlier in their career or struggle to get back to their peak after an injury.
  3. It's pretty rare, almost certainly too rare, and can only happen for Newgens. I'd venture we could all name more players in real life who have attained a certain level of wealth or success and declined as players as a result than we've seen him in game.
  4. Fair point - we could probably be a bit more consistent in how we communicate these player changes to users - there's a fair range of them in there now.
  5. There are features in the game to reflect the possibility of players becoming satisfied with what they've achieved or what they've earned financially and thus this reflects in certain stats being lowered. This sounds what's most likely happened here.
  6. The 4's were with 365 about a week ago, looks like the best price is now 7/2 I think in general Ukraine might be a bit underrated, I'm not so sure they're any worse than Poland overall and indeed as you say 3 points alone could well be enough to send them through.
  7. Current bets: Giroud top France scorer @4/1 Morata top Spain scorer @6/1 (made back in March) Andone top Romania scorer @14/1 Ukraine to qualify from group @1/2 Spain to reach final @5/2 I think I'll probably add Austria to reach the quarters . Also tempted into some further Ukrainian action.
  8. Current slate of games: Sunday: Poland vs NIreland in Nice Monday: Italy vs Belgium in Lyon Tuesday: Portugal vs Iceland in St Etienne Thursday: Ukraine vs NIreland in Lyon Friday: Croatia vs Czech Republic in St Etienne Saturday: Hungary vs Iceland in Marseille Absolutely cannot wait. Not every game promises to be amazing, but we've managed to fit in 4 stadiums which is nice.
  9. Thanks, this issue is now under review.
  10. Under Review

    Thanks for this, should be possible as we do similar for clubs like Carlisle in England.
  11. Under Review

    Thanks for the save JohnniBoy, the issue is now under review.
  12. Under Review

    Hi JohnniBoy, if you could upload save games for this issue that would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  13. Hi Plachy, I think the best we can do here is take a look at your save game. Details on how to upload saves can be found here: If you have them to hand from just before the last game of the season that would be particularly useful. Cheers.
  14. Info Provided

    I have a feeling that the 27th June is after the season update day in Wales? So it won't be actioned until the next season update day the following season. Season update day is the day the league table resets by the way. Cheers.