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  1. That's a bit odd, could you upload your save so we can see what's going on hopefully? Details on how to upload saves can be found here:
  2. Small away attendance numbers?

    What leagues, what clubs?
  3. Ok, and you wouldn't have qualified otherwise? I don't suppose you have a save just before the FA Cup final?
  4. Bank Loans

    Unfortunately without a save prior to this happening there's not a lot we can do here, but thanks for taking the time to post
  5. You can spend up to £7m more without a fine. If you want, you can go over that you'll just have to pay a penalty. If you've got money to burn I'd do that. The reason for the discrepancy is probably down to iffy starting data.
  6. Over-expensive ticket prices

    Yeah I'll take a look at that, if it could be just before your last home game that would be great. Cheers.
  7. Thanks DeadZone, this is now under review.
  8. Place of Birth Problem

    Not sure what's going on with case 1), I'll get that reported and looked into. As for 2, I don't think we'd ever add that as it would be very odd for a manager to decide a players place of birth.
  9. Over-expensive ticket prices

    Do you have a save from just before you were promoted to the Championship?
  10. Newgen Issue - Very Short Top Quality Players

    With specific reference to that Goalkeeper, he's a researcher who's been entered into the game. This has been noticed a few times so we'll have to come up with a solution for that sort of thing for future versions. The more general issue we'll look into, thanks.
  11. Training weak foot

    Thanks for this, the issue is under review.
  12. Can't improve youth recruitment

    It's quite possible you've maxed out what the owner thinks is necessary for youth recruitment. Not every owner believes in youth development. If you upload your save I can take a look for you. Cheers.
  13. Thanks for this, it's a data issue as this hasn't been marked as an extinct stadium. What a name for a ground by the way!
  14. Ok, to be honest there's nothing we'd be able to do with this without a save. We'll keep an eye out for it though. Cheers for raising this.