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  1. under review

    These are things for us to consider and improve in the future. Cheers.
  2. under review

    That sort of fix would apply to all saves. Cheers.
  3. info provided

    Hi alphagrizzle, you are not within the allowed wage threshold, hence as you point out way the value is displayed in red. In this example your allowed to spend £96m p/a on wages and your projected to spend £122m currently. To raise the £96m limit higher you'll need to generate more income for this season, otherwise you'll be fined the amount you overspend. Cheers.
  4. need more info

    Hi Tom Boydy, I don't suppose you have a save just before this match took place?
  5. Hi DUFC83 - I don't suppose you have a save point just before that match is played?
  6. under review

    Yeah the FA Cup final is a good instance actually of where this doesn't work - this is now under review Cheers.
  7. info provided

    Hi chrishugheswrites, This is by design. Doctors do not have active profiles and can't be hired and fired by the manager. Cheers.
  8. need more info

    Can you upload a save for this? Details on how to upload saves can be found here: Cheers.
  9. Can we have a save before that transfer budget was set? Details on how to upload saves can be found at the top of this page. Cheers.
  10. What league and what team are you playing with? There's a lot of different rule sets out there
  11. Thanks for these saves, I've had a look over them and come to the following conclusions - hopefully they make sense; * On the FFP rule itself - I think your point here is correct, all the income does seem to have been generated from an 'uplift in revenue' so therefore * It does look like your wage spend has risen a lot though to me. Adding up wages and bonuses from the previous season = £84.4m - for this season it's projected to be £121m * When Vertonghen is sold the wage bill drops by the correct amount - or at least it did here I'd switched the wage values to yearly to make it a bit more obvious.
  12. Thanks Conchis, this is now under review
  13. This is because some divisions have a minimum requirement for coaching badges (If I've understood you correctly!) Cheers
  14. under review

    Technically sides have home and away designations for finals in terms of kits and changing rooms so I don't think it's too much of a problem.
  15. Hi liamjtic - which club are you managing? Celtic? Are you sure they approved looking for one?