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  1. The information for the youth team came directly from a coach at the club. So for instance updating Kyprianou's ratings is wrong - unless you're trying to tell me this coach hasn't seen him play at CB? The finishing rating for Philips will be random and not set. I'm happy with Bonne's finishing rating. 17 non-penalty goals in 44 games at Conference level when his clear superiorty is his conditioning and work rate is reflective of that. About the Pace of Koroma and Coulson, that sounds like I've overrated the later a bit but it should also be considered in conjuction with Acceleration (I don't have them to hand, I assume Coulsons is less and Koroma's higher) , and is also based primarily off of last season when Koroma didn't appear to be in great shape.
  2. Every response so far as been accurate. Another one to throw into the mix, he might be in a social group led by someone who lacks determination and that player could be influencing this youngster negatively.
  3. If you could raise this here we'll get that sorted for release: https://community.sigames.com/forum/324-database-and-research-issues/
  4. Even if they're fully developed, a change of this nature would likely see him decline from their peak earlier in their career or struggle to get back to their peak after an injury.
  5. It's pretty rare, almost certainly too rare, and can only happen for Newgens. I'd venture we could all name more players in real life who have attained a certain level of wealth or success and declined as players as a result than we've seen him in game.
  6. Fair point - we could probably be a bit more consistent in how we communicate these player changes to users - there's a fair range of them in there now.
  7. There are features in the game to reflect the possibility of players becoming satisfied with what they've achieved or what they've earned financially and thus this reflects in certain stats being lowered. This sounds what's most likely happened here.
  8. The 4's were with 365 about a week ago, looks like the best price is now 7/2 I think in general Ukraine might be a bit underrated, I'm not so sure they're any worse than Poland overall and indeed as you say 3 points alone could well be enough to send them through.
  9. Current bets: Giroud top France scorer @4/1 Morata top Spain scorer @6/1 (made back in March) Andone top Romania scorer @14/1 Ukraine to qualify from group @1/2 Spain to reach final @5/2 I think I'll probably add Austria to reach the quarters . Also tempted into some further Ukrainian action.
  10. Current slate of games: Sunday: Poland vs NIreland in Nice Monday: Italy vs Belgium in Lyon Tuesday: Portugal vs Iceland in St Etienne Thursday: Ukraine vs NIreland in Lyon Friday: Croatia vs Czech Republic in St Etienne Saturday: Hungary vs Iceland in Marseille Absolutely cannot wait. Not every game promises to be amazing, but we've managed to fit in 4 stadiums which is nice.
  11. Been desperately trying to flog a 'city' ticket but there's seemingly no way to do it despite them saying it can be done. You can't do it through the portal, and there's no link to a form they claim exists anywhere
  12. It will certainly make it slower, and you'll have to be the judge as to weather or not it makes it too slow for your personal preference. If you already have many of the players in the leagues you intend to load present however it may not slow it down that much. You could always remove it again after one season if you did find it too slow.
  13. Whats more realistic though? A board building a new stadium that meets their current needs and something with some room to grow, or building a hugely excessive stadium in the hope that they'll become a mega club?
  14. This sounds very unexpected, you should have been forced to move grounds when getting promoted to the Premier League and additionally the club should be seeking to build a new stadium. Could you raise this in the bugs forum if you have the save available? http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/524-Other-Gameplay-Issues Cheers.
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