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  1. info provided

    This is because these loans are interest payment only loans. That is to say the original principle amount does not reduce, so only the interest is paid off. Cheers.
  2. Only way to change this in game would be to have a takeover occur and hope for a new Chairman that prefers youth development. Pre-game you could boost their 'working with youngsters' attribute in the Editor. The rating is fixed in game currently. So Chairman have a rating for how important they regard youth development to be. If the current level of recruitment is below that, they'll look to raise it which will be shown by letting you action that board request.
  3. need more info

    HI Shankly84, I don't suppose you have a save game from just before the last game of the season where you then end up moving back to the old, smaller stadium?
  4. under review

    A fix for this issue went in for the December patch (the only full set of changes we've done to date). Cheers.
  5. Thanks, this is a data issue and naturally this should have been removed.
  6. Looking at those screenshots it seems those deals have started more recently than the historic accounts show in this instance?
  7. Hi Volker, do you have a save from just before this fixture is played? Cheers
  8. Hi Jupjamie, looking at your FM17 example (sorry but we've long since moved on from FM16!) there does appear to be a problem with the board recognising what their target is for youth recruitment which we'll look into. For this sort of upgrade the board have to have an interest in youth development regardless of other factors mentioned above before deciding if they can afford it etc. Cheers
  9. So I'm saying that it's correct Mechelen are struggling financially based on the debt that has been given to them in the database. If you don't think it's correct that the debt is a big problem for them in real life then that would need to be raised here:
  10. If you could that would be great, details on how to do this can be found here:
  11. under review

    Thanks Davy611, the issue you've raised is now under review. It looks like from your save that youth setup costs might also be on the high side so taking them down will hopefully help out also.
  12. Hi davke1904, looking at Mechelen at the start of the game their finances are projected to deteriorate significantly because of the debt that exists. If you've an issue with how these finances are setup at the start then that would be a data issue. As it is it seems to be working correctly in game. Cheers.
  13. Hi raizen - do you have a save game that shows this? If so could you upload it to our FTP? Details on how to do this can be found here: Cheers