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  1. Ok thanks Eugene for your help i will get that one :-) cheers duckman :-)
  2. Hi thanks for the quick reply much appreciated errm yer it's about all my buget, i Probably could go to 350 at a push but thats is
  3. Hi guys would this be a good laptop to get for my daughter she like playing fm13 but is not that bothered about having loads of Leagues running as long as she can run about 6 also would it be good for school work aswell http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Packard_Bell_EasyNote_TS11_1287957.html?tabid=product&id=1287957
  4. Brazil have just offered me a job lol. no way am i going to take it, U must be crazy to manage Brazil they to sack happy
  5. Was a very close final but my sub came through :-) had to beat Real Madrid and Barcelona to get to the final was a really nice run
  6. now this was a nice game Torres on fire haven't seen someone get a 10 for some time :-)
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