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  1. I just noticed this, Does anyone else use the additional graphics? Because i always have to have the player faces, team logos, team kits and also the stadium pictures.... Seems i am the only one to do that....
  2. Speaking of Jones.... What position do you all play him in? Just had a game against Leverkusen and he was MOTM playing as a DMC
  3. Rio said yes!!! I know Jones has good determination and professionalism, i just want to see if there is a way to kinda give him the extra push, just to make sure. Might try get Rooney to tutor Welbeck too
  4. Is anyone else having problems with Carrick? I am trying to get him to tutor Jones, but on two occasions he has rejected me. Now personally, i see no reason why he wouldnt do it tbh.... Or suggest an alternative person to Tutor Jones, my other thought might be Rio
  5. Although its an expensive amount.... I would pay that for Hummels..... You have a world class defender who is a beast in the game and has always had constant high ratings in matches and he is only still young, so you can get plenty of years out of him. Marquinhos is not worth £102m however!!!
  6. Varane and Hummels are total beasts! Hummels especially..... he is someone i have looked to buy on the last 3 Football Manager games... Varane is good too however, when i was on the back end of FM13 they were my united defense partnership....
  7. Never actually looked at Llorente before..... Gonna send my scouts to look at him Cavani's wages are far too high, he was asking over 300,000 p/w, and Rooney and RVP are only on 180,000, with high earner clauses.... So it will send me into financial meltdown.... Jackon Martinez i am gonna scout and Saharwaway and Jese are on my current "to develop" list Scott, is the Santos kid called Gabriel Barbosa?
  8. Ok, so i have a predicament. I am in November of my first Season and my game decided to update itself, and now my preferred summer target, Lewandinski's, future transfer to Bayern has been taken off. So, do i start a new game and go after him or stick with what i have already started? If anyone has him in their team, can they let me know how he is performing too.... Since i couldnt get him, i went for Benteke (because i sold Hernandez) and he is performing well, but not getting the goals i need.... So advice needed!!!
  9. Have you seen the wages for Falcao? If you only manage to sell Ronney then buy Falcao you will you increasing your wage because of RVP high earner clause....
  10. 7.5 for De Jong is too much i think, especially considering his age. As for a RB, i always have Jones playing really well at RB for me.... Alternatives.... Montoya is available for cheap, and Marquinhos seems to be a good prospect, not sure if PSG will sell like, but its worth a look
  11. Something i have noticed on this years game is the team talk i normally give to my younger players (Calm - No Pressure) seems to demotivate, rather than gain confidence like it did in FM13.... Can anyone suggest a alternative talk to take the pressure off my young players, because ive always found that it gives better performances. Update on Benteke, i have been using him as my starting striker (Due to Rooney Injury). Playing him as a Complete Forward, or Target Man, still trying to find what works best. Played - 3 (1 as Sub) Scored - 1 Assists - 1 Ave Rating - 7.53
  12. Yeah it is.... Hoping putting him on Finishing training will help improve it
  13. I just sold Hernandez for£25m to Arsenal, so i might go for him Any other recommendations for a Striker, I have about £20-25 Million to play with
  14. Lewandoswski is showing on mine as having agreed a move to Bayern, so he is untouchable, would have been my first choice. Only looking for a back up with Welbeck, because i sold Henandez for £25Mil, and in my first save he never really impressed me tbh
  15. Decided to use my first save as Man Utd to get me used to it all. After reading through here, i decided to sign - (So far) Alaba - £10m (plus Young) Draxler - £18m Hughes - £6m De Bruyne - 6m Honda - Free (Jan) Sold - (So far) Young - Part Ex - Alaba Hernandez - £25m to Arsenal Currently only in the start of August, knew my targets and went after them in a heartbeat. Not finished at the minute tho, looking for another Striker, particularly a young one. Want to develop team around Zaha, Henriquez and Januzaj. On a side note, i have sacked all of staff. No kidding. Like to select my own Staff. Signed René Meulensteen as my assistant, as i quite often do. And Lieven Maesschalck as my Head Physio
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