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  1. First time I've been in here for ages. Glad to see some of the older skinning lot having 'fun' with the beta.
  2. What we need is to be able to set minimum/maximum resolution requirements in the skin settings - much the same way that you can set a minimum version number now. Perhaps skins just wouldn't show in the dropdown if the resolution didn't match or better still they would be greyed out and state their resolution requirements if a user tries to select one. Code would be something like: <string id="minimum_vertical_resolution" value="768" /> <string id="minimum_horizontal_resolution" value="1024" /> <string id="maximum_vertical_resolution" value="1080" /> <string id="maximum_horizontal_resolution" value="1920" /> With those skinners could release versions of their skin for different resolution ranges and even screen ratios. e.g. You might decide to release 3 versions Default - Will work with all resolutions but may look small at higher resolutions Widescreen - Will work with all widescreen resolutions like 16:9 and 16:10. You might utilise the extra horizontal space for something like a sidebar that wouldn't work on 4:3 resolutions. you don't want this used at higher resolutions as it looks rubbish. High Resolution - Designed to work on modern high resolution (widescreen) displays. might include larger text/high res graphics for a crisper look avoiding scaling. So default would be <string id="minimum_vertical_resolution" value="768" /> <string id="minimum_horizontal_resolution" value="1024" /> Widescreen would be <string id="minimum_vertical_resolution" value="768" /> <string id="minimum_horizontal_resolution" value="1366" /> <string id="maximum_vertical_resolution" value="1079" /> <string id="maximum_horizontal_resolution" value="1919" /> High Resolution would be <string id="minimum_vertical_resolution" value="1080" /> <string id="minimum_horizontal_resolution" value="1920" /> Plus, it wouldn't mean 3 full skins. Majority of your code and graphics would be in the default skin (in effect the 'base') then the widescreen and HD versions would just contain the changes and alternate graphics.
  3. I'm not sure but I suspect it might be for the retina Mac support FM has this year.
  4. Backgrounds do work, they just need enabling in a less than user friendly way (for the moment). This thread explains it all: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/369503-FM14-Backgrounds
  5. depends the resolution you play at. There is no proper size as such - it will always be resized to fit your screen. larger images scaled down always look better than smaller images scaled up though so go for the largest, best quality you can get. If you play on a widescreen monitor or screen you might want to go with 16:9 photos.
  6. If there's an issue with backgrounds then raise it as a bug. That's what happened last year and it got fixed. Edit: I see stevemc has done just that
  7. Really not sure how we've reached this point... 1. I was giving honest to goodness advice to try and help people out. Why have a 110GB download when it can be 2GB? 2. I am not employed by SI, I have no insider knowledge of the game and I have no idea why backgrounds seem to have problems. 3. If there does indeed seem to be a problem preventing backgrounds from working - someone raise it in a sensible manner in the bugs forum. 4. No need for people to go around throwing abuse Closed
  8. It's not disrespectful, it's useful. There could be some other graphics makers that end up having large files - seeing this thread might help them.
  9. 8SZAD - I don't have it in for you at all. I'm trying to help you. Like you say it's a huge torrent and it probably doesn't need to be - that was my point. If you use jpg you could reduce the download size from 110GB to potentially less than 2GB.
  10. I downloaded the first part of the clubs background pack and I have a couple of thoughts: Most of your files are 4.22MB each in size That's massive. Some are actually 5.5MB! They shouldn't be that big. As an example, I opened 333.png in a graphics program, then just saved it again as a 32bit PNG, losing no quality and it came out at 738KB. Your files should be 6-7 times smaller than they are as PNGs. Additionally, FM supports .jpg for backgrounds - they don't need to be PNG. If I open 333.png in a graphics program and save it as a high quality jpg with minimal loss of quality it comes out at 64.2KB!!! So, quick and dirty maths: Original 333.png = 5.5MB (5632KB) saved as a jpg = 64.2KB That's nearly 90 times smaller! You should really pull all of your downloads, check what's going on with your files (convert them to jpg etc) and re-upload. It's a massive waste of storage at the moment and I would urge people not to waste their broadband allowance and disk space!
  11. I'm a bit confused with the file sizes. If you download the individual links for the club backgrounds they're all just under 1GB each and there are 9 of them. That's 9GB in total. Where is 106GB?
  12. Without trying to be harsh, Tom is a skilled skinner with years of experience and just today you started a thread asking about making player pictures bigger. What he's doing is waaaay beyond that.
  13. At the moment with the game just being a beta it's not worthwhile to release a base skin. Things could very well change before official release causing any base skins to stop working.
  14. No point in keeping this open if it's no longer being developed
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