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  1. Cool I'm using the exact same strategy. Brought Gubbio up from Serie D to Serie B, struggling now though
  2. Sorry my bad. Found it now :-) Thanks!
  3. I've always wanted to be able to control the second team more ever since I bought FM10 for the iPhone.. If you ever get 3/4 of your strikers injured you'd want to be able to appoint someone from the second team. Right now I've got all my strikers gone, I need a striker badly and the transfer window just closed.. Would be great to be able to promote someone you haven't previously demoted. Also this not being in the game yet doesn't make any sense, right now you can not control your academy at all. You need to purchase 16-17 year olds and demote them to the second team etc, you do not have any control whatsoever over who you want to promote from your academy..
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't find a thread about it.. Is it possible to change a players position? For example if I've got an AM C and I've tried using him as a striker, and he did very good (Scored a hattrick his first game as a striker). Is there any way to change his position from AM C to AM/S C? So he becomes green instead of red when you place him in the front? That might have an effect on his development in the future too.. Thanks in advance,