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  1. Huh. So it is not a bug that there are hardly any players to loan for free at the lower levels of the game any more? I find this odd. I'd be interested to hear from other lower league managers with their thoughts.
  2. It actually sounds like the sort of thing Ashley would do.
  3. I usually start as a lower league manager so I'm posting in this thread to make it easier for me to track. I remember the days of the LLM section of the forum. Just reading a thread on what happened to it. Can't really play LLM without getting cheap/free loan players in,
  4. Yes, I'll be interested to see a resolution on this problem. Won't be buying unless I hear reports this issue is gone.
  5. But then I won't be able to imagine the tears streaming down the face of a 17 year old regen whose whole life has revolved around football since he could walk and you are telling him he's not good enough for a new contract in the Conference North.
  6. I loved FM 2012 but got tired of some the bugs in later versions so drifted away for a few years. I bought all the versions of FM 2018 on sale earlier this year. Tried the full version but found it a bit long-winded. Then tried FM Touch 18 and loved it. It had much more detail than I was expecting. Reminded me of the FMs from 10 years or so ago. 2D match engine is OK for me. It is "back to basics" FM and there'll always be a couple of things you miss but it is perfect for me as I only usually play a few hours a week. I am on PC though. I like the idea of a tablet version but don't want to be limited with the number of playable leagues.
  7. As a fellow old timer getting back into it after 5 years away, don't rule out looking at FM Touch. It's much more detailed than I thought it would be and is a good option for those with limited spare time.
  8. I use Michael Winthorpe. My brother uses Arthur Kilburn - he sounds like an old-school manager.
  9. So it's not something that generally gets tested? With an average save game, how much space does the game take up?
  10. Is it possible to run this game from an SD card or is all the game data stored on the phone's internal memory?
  11. I have managed to download the app to my SD card but the initial download of data is stored in my sdcard0 folder (which I understand is located in the phone's internal memory). When I move the data to the sdcard1 folder (the removable SD card), opening the app causes it to attempt to re-download the initial data. Is there any way I can force the app to look in the folder on the removable SD card for the data so I can save on internal phone storage? Or is this an issue with my phone? I have a Motorola Moto G running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat.
  12. Like many others, I like to start at a small club and try and build a career. This could lead to managing in all sorts of different divisions in different countries. For me, it's the best part of the game. Now it's bugged, one of the best aspects of the game is missing. How can such a basic bug get past the testers? Or are we now the testers?
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