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  1. Almost unlimited budget

    Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine had a huge budget on previous versions, don't know if they do on 10 though.
  2. Bidding for a loan

    Used to happen on 09, scouts saying a player would be very interested in joining on loan and the player rejecting. I personally haven't found loaning players hard, i've just loaned in jovetic, van der vaart and belletti for liverpool.
  3. When will the posession issue be finally solved

    well I bet the other team had 100% posession for 30 seconds or so
  4. Ultimatium? More like asking to be sacked

    My greatest success with an ultimatum was when the board said they wouldnt accept it but they would let me stay on because of the service I had given the club...just don't use it really.
  5. What has the frustration of management made yo do...

    Ive noticed that if you don't get as excited when you win then you're not as disapointed when you lose. On previous versions when i was younger i would sumtimes punch the monitor when i lost.
  6. Untouchable

    Anyone ever had their job status as untouchable? Ive just seen this for the first time in 2015. The Godoy Cruz manager for some reason...
  7. You are saying that it is unrealistic that 2 players who play for a world class team and get payed in excess of £80,000 a week can score from 20 yards or go past a couple of defenders? You are totally right, i don't think this has ever happened in the history of football...
  8. Funny Named Players

    Just had a carp striker called Wayne King...
  9. A Couple of Small Suggestions Regarding Staff

    Maybe having the option to ask for more coaches/physios in the board room section? It really is a pain only being able to have 1 coach at your entire club...
  10. I have absoultley no problems with the game and enjoy it thoroughly. However I have noticed the amount of times my team is hitting the woodwork on 9.3. I can hit the post or bar between 2-4 times a game. Has anyone else noticed this on the latest patch?
  11. what happened to 10/10?

    Ive had a 9.6 on this version...9.1 i think...whats the lowest anyone has ever seen? I have seen a 2 on 07 i think.
  12. Learning New Moves

    My CB for Blyth Spartans thinks that unlearning his 'gets forward whenever possible' ppm wouldnt be beneficial for him...btw do you reckon that being a players favorite personnel would help when trying to teach them new moves?
  13. Pitch Condition Disappeared

    My Blyth pitch was terrible after october and now it doesn't even deserve that. Doesn't matter i don't want the ball on the deck anyway...
  14. Marauding CD and LLM...

    Two points concerning my Blyth Spartans team... I asked my captain central defender to 'unlearn' his slighlty annoying 'gets forward whenever possible' ppm but he just dismisses it out of hand. I think this would benefit him and my team but its not happening. Have any of you had much luck with the ppm learning feature? Has anyone else suffered the AI cracking your tactics? After finishing 7th in the BSN im now suffering some poor performances. However i am 3rd bottom of the BSN, no wins in 6 and im absolutley enjoying the game...
  15. British DM