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  1. Game might be a bit too easy now. Won the league, the cup and the Champions League on the first season with Porto. No signings. Template tactics exclusively during the 2nd half of the season. It's a youth development save i wasn't expecting to win so easy. Broke the league record points as well. I'm an experienced player and know which players to pick. Also put greater emphasis on team talks and overall mental aspects and the fact that players had no pressure during a match or didn't feel unmotivated, made a huge difference. But still... how do i improve from here? lol
  2. There's a bunch of tactics that make winning a league and CL effortless with any first division side. That's great, huge credit to all contributors in the tactical forum, especially Knap this year, who is making some outstanding results. However, after a few seasons in, you tend to build a super strong team of regens. The ai usually won't follow back but still, it gets harder and harder because teams will consider you hardest difficulty so they employ extremely defensive tactics. What i would like to find is a tactical system that allows my world class players to shine. I have the ultimate wingers. Pace, crossing, dribbling, balance, creativity and flair, anticipation,etc etc. However, even using the best tested tactics, very often i find it difficult to break down much weaker sides. 1-0 is not enough, i'd like to win with style, with my strikers scoring loads and my wingers making successful dribles. But what's the best approach on this? If i wanted wingers to drive the ball forward to create 1v1s i'd need them to start from an earlier position since opposition sits deep and reduces space. But even then, he usually runs on the wing against 2 or 3 players and loses the ball. How do i give support to a winger who is often one of the most advanced players? it's physically impossible for the fb to overlap in time, unless it's a slower type of build up. Strikers could help 1v2 situations but then the presence in the area would be scarce. I will try a setup with a more realistic tactic that allows me to create space for the wingers and scoring chances for strikers. Hopefully i can receive some input because i find this kind of tactics to be rare in FM forums.
  3. Got battered in the counter against Roma in the next game. Lost 1-0 only but despite my 60% possession i had only 1 shot on goal...
  4. This happens a lot in the Portuguese league. Most teams park the bus and find many gaps in pockets of space left behind the advancing CMs and WBs. I find my players often playing the ball to the marauding FB only for his cross to be intercepted or easily taken care of by the CBs. My RB has 17 crossing and 15 at pace/accel. Striker 16 finishing, 17 strength, 15 jumping and 15 heading. Both my wingers are valued over 30Me so i don't think players are a problem against such teams. The most glaring problem could be the low interception stat because the opposition is usually with a lot of space for counters.
  5. Best 4-2-3-1 currently. And trust me, i've tested a lot.
  6. It also happened to me when I swapped RUOR minsk with another team from Belarus 2nd league. The league was supposed to start in March but i'm in April and no games in sight. Not for me nor for any club in the nation. When i started the save i remember not seeing any seeds or estimated places. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've read that thread many times since you wrote it and the 48% was referring to my game using that system. My apologies for the confusing thread and for not being very clear. Anyways, I think I'm finally into something. I was noticing my wide mids were not doing anything against their very defensive fullbacks, and since they didn't push forward very much, i thought i could use that along the space behind their midfielders. So 2 into 1 the formation morphed into a 4312. I could finally see some interesting passes and we managed to beat United 3-1 and creating numerous 1n1s against their keeper. Mentality: Control\Normal - I need to press high but I'm fine with letting their defenders build up and then try to win the ball in the midfield, so there's enough for from my creative players to do short combinations and also enough time for runners to arrive. Will play around between normal and control in the next games. Philosophy: Structured - To my limited knowledge, balanced would make attacking duty players stretch a bit too much of what I want them to do. And also not fluid philosophies because the roles and Pis give me better control of their movement for this particular style. CM-D: This guy has control tempo ppm and should link up and stay back. On control he sometimes gets a bit forward too much for my liking. CM-A and CM-S: These are the center wings, they press the flanks and have move into channels + run wide with ball to stretch play. Also close down much more which sees them press the opposition FBs, which is not sometimes desirable and will leave my own fbs 1n1 with their wingers. I don't need them to go into the box, they will be fine recycling possession I think. AP-A: Link up with the front 2. Want him to roam around and provide combinations with the DLF which has move vertical movements. The CF-S also comes into play with more horizontal movement and stretching their defence. Overall I feel i'm on a better path, but needs more improvement. I also realize I was maybe being a bit too harsh with my young squad in the first official game of the season. Even so the English supercup against a strong United. Anyways, will appreciate further tips for tweaking.
  8. You're probably my fav contributor here but that system is a bit contraditory to what I've read here since then. Attacking with much higher tempo? where's the "defend with the ball and possession" that Bayern do so much? They use a patient build up with some key elements employing direct vertical passes that break through the opposition lines. I know you said to take the basic principles but which? the 4141 and high press? That tactic worked very well for me in FM14, but now I'm being murdered by United, 2-0 down and several of my players with under par ratings. 5CCCs and 8 Half chances conceded. I barely get any players in the box except the left winger and the forward. And when they do it is through dribbling and still have a mountain of players ahead of them. Besides 48% possession and 79% pass ratio is very low for any team trying to play like Bayern even though the stats don't mean much. I don't know what's wrong really. Attacking mentality on a 4141 gives actually decent counter transitions but my players always seem to give one more touch than they should and end up losing the ball or missing 5meter passes. Just very annoying and terrible football in display. I promise I'll calm down and analyze what my players are doing, in a bit, and will provive screenshots.
  9. I don't want to just win this game. I could just overload United's area and outscore them like I did the previous season. I want to win with less bodies on the box, the clean way. I'm trying to replicate Guardiola's Bayern gamestyle ingame. It's a 4141 and if you check his attributes with the editor it should tell a lot about his tactic. Like press very high, play flexible and standard mentality. High tempo and large width as well as no playmakers. However, I can't make it work and tbh I'm out of patience to post screens and all. All i can say is that It's like the 10th time i play it and full highlights and I can't see any gaps in their tactic. Falcao is alone between my two CBs and keeps being unmarked. Any lose ball creates havoc. Aboubakar plays as Right IF for them. He calmly dribbles past 2 defenders of mine and scores. Their MCs have less than 10 tackling and easily dispose my 17 dribbling players. All the while their FBs are probably on defend duty as they never concede an inch of space and are the most defensive players according to the zone map. PS: this last time I ended up winning on the penalties after being 2-0 down but they had more than twice the CCCs I had and despite playing "push very high" on "standard" mentality" my players were never close to their defence with the whole block and passing around. Something like this, except the HB went to anchorman instead. I just want to play a dominating style and build the system around my striker. I know Bayern style and "building around a player" is contraditory, but I would even settle for one lol... Bowden scored 46 goals in like 41 official games in his debut season in the PL at the age of 17. He has "knocks ball past opponent" ppm. But he can obviously do better, and I would like a new style, instead of a bunch of randomized instructions that abuse the ME. Cheers and thanks everyone. I'll give a better try when I'm not pissed with FM lol.
  10. So I've been through pre-season, after being English Premier League champions with Crewe. Had a good break, improved the squad quite a bit, plus the young guns matured but the first game of the season, the community shield against United, got me pummeled with barely any shot on target. I'm trying to settle for a new system which I'll explain below but what is getting to my nerves is that I can't understand what's wrong with my tactics. I'm not seeing and understanding why my players can't strike a pass from 3 meters, and why they can't dribble past any player. So I'd appreciate if anyone could shed some light on what could be wrong here. I don't usually do this, especially on this Crewe save, but I had it saved after pre-season ended and decided to give this match a tryout in order to attain a decent solid foundation for the remaining season. But after 0 shots on target? something must be really wrong. counter - balanced. Shouters : short passing, retain possession, play out of defence. United play with a 4231. Di Maria and Van Ginkel on MCs lol. My gameplan is to make smart short passing combinations on the first stage of attack. Once that WB-DM-WM combination is done, we should advance through their first couple lines of defence, doing so patiently and cautiously. Bowden, the wonderkid striker, sits between both CBs and moves into channels waiting for a through ball or a fast deep cross from the WBs, who are set to aim to near post. Roberts and Wellington cut inside making use of the space their MCs are giving. Same as Malcom, a very creative player who should feed the striker well. The Right wide man is a runner, as well as the WBs. 7mins on we are 2-0 down. And we can't strike a pass together. ps: Di Maria is the new Essien. The boy tackles 3 of my players in a row lol.
  11. Ye, too bad they are in a terrible financial situation. I went into the interview and they asked me if I could improve their financial status and would be able to work with a very limited budget. Well I could, but I can't leave Crewe yet. They would probably go down. Season 2015/2016 - Preview With a very limited budget and lack of quality players available we didn't have a choice but to stick to the core group of players that brought us promotion last season. We upgraded the core sectors though. A commanding CB was a must as we were a bit literally short in the back. We got on more year on Gilbeys loan from Leicester which is great, but we needed a bit more punch to the vital playmaker role. So we splashed the cash on the Coventry star midfield John Fleck. And a few more promising signings I'll cover below. Harry Wilson - We needed a good replacement after Ajose departure and we got this kid for the right wing role. He displays very good attributes and could be a key piece in our season. Too bad he injured himself in pre-season for 5 weeks. Josh Harrop - Simillar player to Harry Wilson but we were really short on alternatives and especially after his injury. Harrop played for us last season and we are happy to have him back on loan from Manchester United. Capable of magical moments and consistent assists. Alex Bruce - The upgrade we needed in the defence. Not very tall but he was the best we could find. Very strong fighter in the box, will never give a ball as lost. Just what we needed. João Teixeira - Another free transfer but still with fitness problems. He is slowly getting back to shape and i expect him to battle with Saunders for the striker role. Yes, he has no experience in that position but that's what i bought him for. I believe he can become a very good false 9 or a deep lying striker. Hopefully he works hard to meet the high expectations I have for him. John Fleck - Coventry star midfielder. We needed a very good counter attack launcher and we are pleased he accepted our offer. Expensive transfer for us and despite knowing he isn't the toughest player, I expect his left foot to give us many goals this season, although he didn't blend in with the squad yet. Peter Pawlett - Aberdeen lad in all ways. Not the most professional type either, but immense talent. Only one start and 2 cameos but with 3 goals netted. Hope he can get his fitness levels on top soon enough so we can see more on that. Vanja Savic - A backup keeper on loan from Man United. Impressive attributes for his age, promising future. Pretty much like last season, teams are underestimating us again. We appreciate it but we also know it won't last forever. The quality gap is very big and I still don't know how we won against Watford. As shown in our transfer policy we didn't go full on and instead we opted to keep the core of the team. Our goal is to avoid relegation and consolidate the club so in a couple years we are ready for the jump. Who knows if we can't do the same as last year? I'm almost sure we won't, although I believe we can get a mid table position if we do well. But even if we got promotion, we would have no stadium, no wage budget, no staff, no fanbase ready to premier league. So we will do our best to stick around, play some good football and take the natural way of things.
  12. Tempting, they just got promoted to the PL.
  13. @seastig cheers! I guess promotion was won with the fantastic first half of the season and then was a very tight battle for the title. Season 2014\2015 - Review Skybet League 1 Final table - Champions! FA cup - 5th round (Arsenal) Capital One cup - 3rd round (Newcastle) Johnstone's Paint Throphy - 2nd round Key players: Callum Saunders George Cooper Nicky Ajose The 3 front men, scored an impressive sum of 60 goals combined. Sadly, we decided not to pay the wages Leeds were asking for a new loan contract for Ajose. Hopefully we can find a suitable replacement in the market. Cooper is probably our best player, but our relationship broke down as he, somehow, decided i failed my promise to bring young players through the ranks that would improve first team. He should know it takes time. I'll let him go if a +5M offer comes in. Season 2015/2016 - Planning We started to upgrade some staff personal and will try to bring one quality scout to help strengthen the team. Right now we are too weak for the Championship. We need to understand which positions are good enough for now and which ones are critical. No matter what, we won't bring a new team, so the strengthning will be made in key areas. For instante the playmaker role is lacking since Gilbey's loan is over now. The next one will be a winger. Will try the best one i can get on this. But let's see how pre-season goes. Other news: -Bayern wins CL against CSKA Moscow! -City claims PL title with Chelsea second -Norwich, Blackburn and Leeds promoted to the PL. QPR, Burnley and Palace, down to Championship! -Ronaldo wins Fifa Ballon d'or award. -Mandzukic wins top marksman with 33 goals overall.
  14. 2 games to go. One very difficult away against Coventry, the same team that finally took points off Bristol. Need at least a draw and a win...
  15. Bristol's schedulle Yey, we won promotion. But it would be sad to lose the title after so much time at the top. Bristol City's run has been incredible, not losing for months. We got a draw at their stadium and it kept things at bay for us. However, 3 draws followed and now, they finally have their chance to overtake first place. As long as they win the match they have missing. Board set new budgets which is ok, let's me plan on advance. With this amount it will need to be something cirurgical, unless i can really find good value in the free market. Anyway, Bristol have it much easier and I can't see them losing points anymore. I had hopes they would lose against Sheffield utd or Oldham but they have been just too strong. They have an away game at Preston now, but we won there very easily a couple weeks ago. Everything is possible, but it will be tough. We need to keep last game's form and hope they slip.
  16. Season 2014/2015 Update - March Finally got back some form after being eliminated in the FA Cup by Arsenal, who is in great form in the PL. We lost many points and from an over 15 points difference to the 2nd team, we are now only 2 points ahead, for some games already. It has been exciting and at the same time extremely difficult, where one single mistake will cost us the leadership. It's a shame to lose so many points in the second part of the season, but credit to Bristol City who have been immense and have been stocking up wins. Oddly enough, our darkest period happened during the fitness training months and now, that training is back to normal, forwards got their form back and Saunders just did a nice brace against Rochdale last game. Tactically, our team has grown a lot. I don't see as many mistakes from Kenny nor Cooper in the offensive transitions, it has been a case of bad luck in front of goal yes, but the fluidity is much superior now. Of course teams respect us more and we are not superstars so It's only natural to lose points. Nevertheless the lads have done brilliantly, in what is a very demanding system to play. Take a look of Saunders second goal last game. We knew Rochdale were desperate, especially after our first goal. So we sit back and launched venomous counters. We limited them to long shots and other mistakes and in this example, you can see how Cooper, the left winger, is closing down the wing back nullifying their attacking options. With some luck, the through ball went on the back of their defence and in a couple seconds, half my team were in Rochdale's area. This is the kind of offensive transitions our system is based on. http://i.imgur.com/guMkIqB.gif Youth intake Rather pleased with the intake, hopefully we got there a rb and a striker for the future. Robert has an issue with taking decisions by himself. He still needs his mum to tell him if he should wether shoot or pass. Won't be easy to get that attribute to acceptable levels, in which it won't be an hidrance. But let's see how he develops. He has a resolute personality so tutoring him won't be critical. Also good in important games and should do a fine deep lying striker. Hopefully i can get him some game time in the main team.
  17. Who'se next? Changed Cooper into a Ramdeuter and he got a rating of 9 after his terrible form lately. We controlled the match throughout the game and deserved the win. Sadly, Jones is out 3 months... Very bad news. The lad was developing into a fine midfielder. Never puts a foot wrong and his above the standards of the league already. Hope he recovers well and his progress gets back on track. Only 18.
  18. 1st January summary We knew we couldn't keep winning forever and December has been terrible for us. We lost Grant for a few weeks, who has been tremendous in front of the defence. Without him we aren't loking so solid and the last game's terrible performance from the centerbacks was a big proof of how important he is to the team. I'm not too concerned with how things are going. I don't see a reason to change the way we play since we keep dominating the games. Having more chances and conceading very little. Sadly, our attackers have been on a low, missing some shocking tap ins as well. Ajose, who has 10 goals from the right wing, was out injured for 3 weeks and Inman and Billy are just not up to the task. We are still on top but we have to start bagging goals sooner than later if we want to keep it that way. In the last 5 league games, we only did 4 points. It's miserable. It's not acceptable even for our standards. The performance from our attackers will need to be addressed. I will try a team meeting and see if it helps but Cooper has not been the same since a handful of PL teams have shown interest in his signing. He is developed very well and he will surely have a great future ahead of him. But he is still too young, only 18, and won't do much for him to play for the reserves of the likes of Hull or West Ham. I convinced him to stay for a bit longer but he is just not performing the way he used to. We are still broke. Finances keep going down and as much as I would like to strengthen our team in the January window, It will only be possible as a zero wage loan. Let's see if something comes up. Up next is Blackpool, who is sitting 3rd from the bottom of Championship and play a very simillar 451. It will be very very difficult for us but we want to go through.
  19. Great thread! Would love to try a simillar save.
  20. October's summary Things dreams are made of. The lads have been exceptional after the injuries mare we made it through alive. We were defeated from the League cup by a Newcastle side with no weaknesses to exploit. Still, we gave them a game and, with a bit of luck, could have discussed the result. We also went out of Johnstone's paint trophy but we were extremely unlucky against Tranmere, even though we rotated the team as we had a very tough game against Coventry a few days after. The team is in a great shape and things are looking smoother now. Finally our attackers are showing confidence and we can see it in beautiful flowing moves. We, the last seeded team, had the toughest challenges so far, by fighting against Sheffield United. A big big club. But, it was in our home and the lads really wanted to win. The game started off with a flyer and we were in control all match. I was expecting a different approach from Sheffield, but they tried to play our tactics, with a 442 diamond instead of their typical 4141. They gave us the midfield, so we changed our typical counter game to a slower shorter passing one. And things went out beautifully. Other than that, our 451 counter has been settling in and we never changed from counter nor our philosophy. We just dynamic tweakings during games. I'm surprised things are workign so well, but It's mostly due some expcetional player's form. Everyone's been great but I have to highlight Grant's impressive form. He is our pillar in midfield and has a avg rate of 7.77. Just crazy. Cooper, as IF-A has 9 goals and 7 assists and just turned 18. Callum Saunders is 19 and has 8 goals in 10 games. Looking very promising. Everyone's talking about Crewe these days. And most see us in the Championship next season. But it's too early to think of that. Our season's expection is still to avoid relegation. And the only thing in the mind of the players is the next game, against a strong Crawley side, who is 3rd right now.
  21. Is it just me or your manager pic looks like Rafa Benitez?
  22. Summary #August (Will try a less intrusive layout this time) So, just before the end of the month, we had to pay a visit to Priestfield, Gillingham. They came from an heavy defeat against Barnsley but undefeated so far at home. As expected they started with the standard 352 just like Swindon, where we conceaded a 1-1. They are a pretty average team. Not top5 strongest, but not top5 weakest either. Although they were seeded 24th, just one number above the bottom, which belongs to Crewe. With that said, I didn't start with special markings this time, we went for our default strategy. And it started just fine when at the 5th minute Ajose dribbles past Gillingham's left winger with a lightning quick footwork, cuts inside and makes a stunning goal making it 1-0 for the visitors. We were superior during most of the game. Gillingham had a couple stints where they pressured us, but they didn't have much options besides long shots. The exception came at the 77th minute mark. Inman, that came as a sub, and by then responsible for marking their right wingback, was caught napping and the score was leveled. With less than 15 minutes to go, things weren't looking good, especially since Saunders was off injured as usual. We pushed the lines up because a draw would be a bitter result, given it is against a relegation candidate like us. Luck was on our side and Turton made justice with a 30m free kick. Naturally, it was a big blow on Gillingham. After fighting for 70 minutes they get the equalizer, only to see it all go to waste 7 minutes later. We kept looking for the counter and didn't give them a chance to attack only. FT 1:2 and 3 precious points for Crewe! Month's summary It was a surprisingly good month for us. Would never expect us to be sitting on top and with only 1 draw with 7 official games in. Eliminating Rotterham and QPR(!). We also made the treble with the monthly awards, just to show how spectacular we were. The manager of the month and both the youngest and best player awards, by Turton and Ajose, respectively. End of August, also means transfer deadline. We concluded a deal to help fight our injury crisis and we lacked a proper DLP substitute. Alex Gilbey will be on loan till the end of the season but if he develops like I think he can, who knows.
  23. Nice thing going on! Liked how you esteem friendship with the ass man
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