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  1. ive spent a few months editing my team to how i want it,but i was wondering if i could download the latest transfers update and merge it into mine,Does anybody know if this will work and how?thanx
  2. Hello can someone please help me,i want to make this full screen so instead of all the boxes just have the 1 box with the football shirt in,Anybody know what i have to do?thank you
  3. do i change the height of this for my kits to be bigger on overview screen?Tried changing it from 80 to 240 but still nothing <!-- KEEP HEIGHT SAME AS LOGO ABOVE team name --> <widget class="text" id="mitn" col="1" row="0" height="80" font="fonts/title" /> <!-- score --> <widget class="text" id="mits" col="2" row="0" font="fonts/title"> <translation id="text" type="new" value="0" /> </widget>
  4. Thank you,this is alot better,also can you make kits bigger?and how do you get the badge next to the kit because mine is showing two kits,thanx
  5. How do i get it to work?thank you,is there any chance i can have four boxes instead of 8?
  6. hello,just downloaded fm19 editor from steam,i load the database,but when i click on team,players,etc there is nothing,
  7. Just wondered if there is a file you can download so i could import the regen dates in because on another site there is a list of dates but its massive,so can you download it or do you have to do it one by one?
  8. ok thanx ianscousemac do you not bother with huge database then
  9. Just stating a new game and wondering what is the best database to have it on,i want all regens coming through and i like alot of players loaded ,this is my operating system thanx.
  10. does anyone know the problem and how to solve it?this is my config file,thanx club overview panel.rar
  11. im wanting to start a new game,but just noticed these League.Data Updates,surely i dont need all these do i?i dont want to duplicate anything so whats best thing to do thanx
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