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  1. Does anybody know how to make this darker because i can hardly see it,thanx
  2. I can go double what I said.surely there should be something about for £500
  3. Do you have any links to any mate.need all the help I can get.I'm useless with picking computers
  4. It keeps going onto a blue screen every time I load it up.it boots up for max 10 minutes then crash dumps everytime
  5. I like to have alot of leagues selected so I can find the players and I always select medium or large database. As for my computer I have had it for nearly 6 years so it's a bit out of date haha.
  6. Think I'm going to go for this. Ticks all the boxes I think.
  7. What processors are best then. First gen 2nd gen or 3rd gen? Ain't got a clue about any of them
  8. Thanx pal. Will shop around a bit. That computer was on ebay so there is a bit of concern there.
  9. What's your recommendations for £600?i can scrape that up so not a problem. Also it's got to be a desktop not a laptop
  10. OK thanx you. Do you have any recommendations I can have a look at? I'm not very good at picking pcs.
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