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  1. After the new update the Technical Director is STILL suggesting players and not the DOF. I thought it might of been fixed with this update.
  2. When asking the DOF to suggest players it always tells me the Technical Director is suggesting the players even though there is no option selected for him to do it. Surely this must be a bug
  3. this will probably be the closest you'll get to what you want.
  4. Who's job is it to suggest players the technical director or DOF ??
  5. Can anyone tell me how I can change the responsibility of suggesting player from my Technical director to the DOF please. I've tried everything and I've even posted it in the BUGS forum but have been told its not a bug from SI Games. Surely when you ask for player suggestions it should be the DOF doing it.
  6. @Zachary Whyte What would cause the Technical Director to suggest players rather than the DOF. I'm using the normal options in staff responsibilities that I normally do and this is the only time I've had this problem. I first thought it was a custom skin problem but then tried the original Football Manager skin and still the same problem.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug but I've set up my staff to do the required actions I want but when I ask for a DOF suggestion for a player it keeps telling me my Technical Director is handling my incoming transfers
  8. @Muja I just have to say its working wonders for me with Nottingham Forrest so thank you. Do you mind me asking what skin you are using please because it looks great ??
  9. If the release date is 6th November then just let Steam update the game when you decide to start the game up on the 6th like its always been done definitely over the last 3/4 years . The question is why change things now ???
  10. Yes it should've been stickied to the forum because you get sad bar stewards like me get up at some ungodly hour like 3am expecting for Steam to update the game to the final release so then I can get the Football manager in-game editor and the resource archiver and the main editor. I apologise for being a grumpy git its because I got up early
  11. Its rare as hens teeth that I moan about SI Games but when you advertise that the game is released on the 6th Nov to me thats 12.01 am Monday morning and now after being told you need to wait till 4pm Monday it does take the biscuit a bit because thats half of the day gone. Perhaps when you say a date for release then perhaps say what time on that day as well because it does matter to your loyal customers.
  12. Hi all, Is it possible to save a saved game to both on local and steam cloud at the same time?
  13. Hi all just a quick question and that is I'm trying to import my FM 23 training schedules into FM 24 as the new game sees the schedules but won't accept them so are they not transferable at all which seems strange as you can play FM 23 games in FM 24.
  14. Just block @nikiforenko010 please moderators. Hes probably someone who uses other peoples tactics and puts the game in holiday mode anyway. Just chill out because it'll be here when its here.
  15. Have a look at www.whoscored.com. I think this is what you're looking for. Just find whatever team and which game you want and bobs your uncle 👍🏻
  16. All I asked for was ""Create a 442 attacking for Football Manager 2023"" and then the same for defensive. I finished 9th in my first season which ain't bad seeming we were put down to be 19th by the media.
  17. It could also be very scary as well. I've tried doing 2 different types of tactics one being attacking and one defensive and both have worked quite well for N Forest in their first season in the Premiership. When I get home I'll post them up for people to look at
  18. @Aoyao Can you actually see these hints & Tips in game at all. Please forgive me I'm not very technical minded.
  19. @Aoyao Do you have the original links to these tips as when you try to read them after downloading they are in the style of a webpage being designed.
  20. @Smurfmy budget is around £800 - £1000 but to be honest I'd be getting the laptop from o2 due to an upgrade but I'm not tied to that and could buy elsewhere.
  21. @Smurf Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I'm a bit OCD and have everything Samsung like the S22 Ultra phone and Tab S8 Ultra tablet and want to keep the laptop the same. The first job I'd be doing is putting in a second SSD in something like a 4TB one. I was just worried FM 23 wouldn't run on it even with 2d graphics rather than 3d and to be honest if you'd have said it definitely wouldn't run then I would've looked elsewhere. Like I said I'm technology inept especially when it comes to specs.
  22. Hi, I'm not very technical minded so please be gentle I play FM 23 on the PC just fine but now thinking of getting a laptop with the following specs: Processor / Chipset Intel® Core™ i5-1240P Processor(1.7 GHz up to 4.4 GHz 12 MB L3 Cache) Graphic Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics Display 15.6" FHD AMOLED Display (1920 x 1080) Memory 8 GB LPDDR5 Memory (On BD 8 GB) Storage 256 GB NVMe SSD Its a Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro and was hoping its good enough to play FM 23 if not then I'll have to think again about something else. Thanks for any help you may give.
  23. Thats great news. Thank you for your answers. Just another quick question and thats is I'm not very technical minded and was wondering if a Galaxy Book2 Pro 5g is good enough to run FM 23 or not. Like I said I'm not that clever when it comes to the technical specs of a laptop. Again thanks for your help
  24. Hi all, First of all I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I'm just about to get a new laptop and was wondering if its possible to install on two different machines and if so how do you go about playing on the same game save on both machines (not at the same time obviously). I go away for work alot and would like to play about with FM 23 where ever I go. Thanks for any advice you may give
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