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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows if Steam will be giving a better discount on FM 2020 to people whos had the last 6 or 7 Football Managers. I would like to know what SI Games think on this idea ? Thanks
  2. Sorry i mean for the Touch version on the PC.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I mean either the use of the stand alone editor or even an in-game editor so you wouldn't have to wait for the end of the transfer window for an update by your goodselfs. Perhaps even use the data updates that so many people have kindly spent valuble time on. 👍
  4. I would love the ability to be able to update the database when you feel like
  5. First of all thank you llama3 this has been a god send to me 👌 I was wondering if they'll be an update to this great read incorperating the new roles.
  6. Hi all, When i print a screen of my team on my printer it shows everything i want but it refuses to print the stars in the ability and potential. My question is is there a way to get them printed??? Sorry if this is put in the wrong place but this is really annoying me now Thanks for any help
  7. Hey goqs06, Any news when your Forest tactic for FM 2019 will be out ??
  8. Hi Andrew Thanks for getting back to me. I understand the money has been added already but i was looking at the transfer income in January and theres nothing showing. So does that mean the £7m was given to Forest at the start of the game even though it was only a Loan and not a transfer which is why we have £3.5m to start with ?? As you can see there is no sign of the £7m at the star of the game. Sorry if you think i'm nit picking but its just i'm pretty sure Forest won't get the money till January in real life and was wondering why it couldn't be implicated in the game.
  9. Hi, I'm playing as Nottingham Forest and Blackburn have bought Ben Brereton for £7m in the January transfer window but it hasn't given me any extra transfer money or even show up as a transfer income in the Finance screen in the income this month section. Not sure if its bug or its meant to do it but i find it very strange that i'm given no money at all.
  10. Hey darkhero77 what a cracking skin great effort just one problem though. When i press instant result all it does is the screen dims a bit then does nothing and then i have to do a ctrl, alt and delete to get out of fm 2019. Any help would be most grateful.
  11. The editor does not work with FMT just the full game even though its been requested for a long time now.
  12. bezzy1970

    FMT Updating

    When on earth are SI Games going to make FMT compatible with the editor. So many people want this feature. So that's my suggestion a FMT editor. PLEASE make it happen
  13. Hi all, Will there be an update to the database for FMT or is there a way to update it yourself as i'm playing Nottingham Forest at the moment and we have a new player named Karim Ansarifard.
  14. Please don't think i'm having a go at you wkdsoul :-) But why tease us mear mortals who can't get there head around making skins and show a picture of an amazing skin. I love everything about it especially the fonts. I find them so easy on the eye. I don't blame you for keeping it to yourself
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