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  1. @michaeltmurrayuk Sorry to keep asking questions but like I said I just want to learn more about skinning. At the moment the skin is looking great but i'd like to do just one more thing and that is on the player screen how do you go about putting in the hidden attributes panel as its just a personal choice for me. Thank you for any help you can provide
  2. @michaeltmurrayukI apologize. I must be getting old i missed that part. All sorted now. You can't beat a basic skin 👍 Just a quick thing. I'm still trying to learn aout skinning and my personal choice is to have a instant result button so is there a guide about adding a button ??
  3. Hi there I'm using the Mint Skin Dark but as you can see the background causes a problem where you can't see very much so my question is can you turn the brightness down or disable the background for this skin as i really don't want to delete the background pictures ?? Thanks for any advice
  4. Sorry i'm not quick enough to take a screenshot but in v8 when you do a sub the info shown is only half the sentence.
  5. Why don't you show a bit of patience. Not everyone is on here 24 hours a day you know. I'm sure you will get some help but you just have to wait a bit.
  6. Thank you. Much respect to your skills and passion for FM skins 👍
  7. Hi there wkdsoul First of all what a cracking skin its definetly one of the best ever done and secondly i'm not sure if its my computer but is theres a reason why the inbox button sometimes just blanks out like it shows in the picture ??
  8. Hi all, Can anyone explain to me why during a match there are large amount of time when you cannot do shouts because they are greyed out. Its so blinking annoying because most the time i want to put a firework up someones behind because they are playing poorly. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Having an editor for FMT would give people the chance to make their own game more enjoyable.
  10. Just wondering anyone from SI or even a mod that could answer this question please. I must be blind because i can't seem to find anywhere that gives me the option for interested loanees from affiliated clubs to join our my club. If i remember rightly a few years ago and i can't remember which edition it was there was an option at the beginning of the season for some players willing to join on loan. Again any help would be appreciated
  11. Hi all, At the moment I'm managing Nottingham Forest and have Olympiakos and SLB from Portugal as affiliates and was wondering how you go about seeing what players from these teams would be interested in a loan move to us. I've tried somethings like getting a team report of them on the hope it would tell me if anyone is interested in a loan move. Any help would be mo appreciated.
  12. Sorry don't know the answer but why don't you show a bit of patience. Not everyone who knows the answer is on here 24/7 to answer your question.
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