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  1. bezzy1970

    [ENGLAND] Nottingham Forest Data Issues

    Hi, Just an observation but as a Forest fan i'm always dissappointed to see we always only have 400k to 500k transfer kitty. As you can see we have bought heavily with expensive players and the manager has been told he will be backed in the transfer market if he feels we need the extra players so i was hoping you could up the transfer kitty to about 7.5m to 10m which i feel is the correct amount the chairman is willing to spend. Also could the chairman be made a foreground sugar daddy or the very least Background sugar daddy as agin i feel he will back the manager to the hilt in all divisions. Thank you
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but will you ever be abled to use the stand alone editor to edit FMT data file and not just the mani Football Manager ??
  3. bezzy1970

    YTS2 Skin

    Just google YTS2 Skin and the web address for it comes up. I would put the address here but wasn't sure if your allowed to put another website on here. Its on FMinside.net you need :-)
  4. Not sure why some characters are not showing but what an amazing skin
  5. Hi all, At the moment i'm using a skin which has a Instant result button which is all well and good but i don't want the Ass Man to use his tactics so i assume that if i have a Simulate match button that would use my working tactics. So my question is how do i go about removing the Instant result button and replacing it with the Simulate button. Any help would be most appreciated
  6. Thank you so much for your help. When I get a few hours to myself i'll have ago at some skinning if not just the basics :-)
  7. Hi D_LO_ I've got the simulate match working now but the Instant result has gone. Can you only have one and not the other ??
  8. Hi D_LO_ I'm sorry but I could easily build you a house or a extension but i scratch my head at this as I'm just not this way inclined. In your guide it says delete the IDs on line 34,51 & 67 but as you can see on the picture do you need to delete the SMCT on line 34 and SMBC on line 54 and SPAC on line 64 and leave the rest or delete to whole line of code.
  9. Jovovich what an amazing skin but is there a way of getting the simulate match button to show as well as the instant result button
  10. bezzy1970

    GzSkin 18.1.1

    Hi there, I'm a absolute none starter when it comes to designing skins or even just moving panels about but this skin is probably one of the best i've seen and have admiration to anyone who does do skins but my question is, Is there a way of putting a Instant Result and Simulate Match button into this skin which would be for personal use only. Any help would be most appreciated
  11. bezzy1970

    Random unwanted crash

    Hi Neil, Thanks for getting back to me. Here is the DMP file FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.21 15.54.04).dmp. Yes i do use custom graphics and it happens without them.
  12. I was happy winning one of my Preseason matches and all of a sudden this happened. I guess i just start the game again and hope it don't happen again. Any help on this problem would be most welcome.
  13. bezzy1970

    Recruiting staff

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting back to me but what i did was restart the game and it cleared the problem up :-)
  14. Hi all, Don't know if this is a fault or not but as you can see on the first picture it says i can have a U23 Manager and a U23 Ass Manager but on the second picture in the Job Center screen it won't let me choose a job i need filling. Any help would be most welcome