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  1. Hi all, Quick question. When will FMT have the winter update life the full version??
  2. I do believe you have gone above and beyond your duty for the Football Manager community. What an absolute belting update of this amazing guide and I echo all of the other by saying thank you so much.
  3. Thank you sir 👍 I'll put money on the fact people will be extremely interested in an update version of your excellent guide. Again what a god send this was for me personally.
  4. Hi all For my sins i've decided to try and design my own tactics after downloading them since i started playing FM so i decided to start a new game in Football Manager Touch to save myself the hassle of thinking of everything else like training and other things so my question is how do i go about changing the colour of the base skin from purple to a basic black and white to give my eyes a rest from colours. Thank you for any advice given.
  5. Hi there, I have just bid on a player and again the DOF has negotiated the contract even though i have set it up for him to not to. I have also uploaded the save game to your cloud server in the name of Bezman-Nottm Forest.fm
  6. Hi there, Not sure if this is a bug but i have the DOF and HOY to find and bid for players for the first team and youth teams and myself as manager to negotiate contracts but as you can see the DOF has took it on his on back to offer a contract for a youth player. No matter what i do this problem stays the same. Thanks for any advice given.
  7. Hi there, As you can see there is still a problem as all except Goalkeeping are saying there is a coach workload and i have gk coaches assigned.
  8. I apologize if i'm in the wrong section but i'm not sure where to write this. Is there a way of requesting a list of loan players available from an affiliated club ??? Thanks for any advice
  9. Hi there, I assume you have received the game file so was wondering if theres any update on this problem. Thanks
  10. Hi there, Thanks for getting back to me.The file required has been uploaded and the file name is Lindsay Beswick-Nottm Forest.fm
  11. Hi there, Not sure if its a bug or i'm doing something wrong but in the coaches screen it says coaches workload is none but i have coaches assigned to it. Any help would be grateful.
  12. I appreciate FMT is designed to be faster hence the reason of no in-game editor but how about the ability to use the stand alone editor to change different things within a team and so-forth as there different transfers, loans and other things that happen after you lock the database down. All people want is the game to be as lifelike as possible and that means editing different things when they happen within the football real world. Thank you again for this cracking game.
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