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  1. Playing a Pre Season friendly against Bristol Rovers and as you can see some of the opposistion players are in Black for some reason.
  2. @charliecul12I'm sorry its off topic but can you say what Skin you are using please.
  3. Hi there, Is it possible to turn off the in-game editor once the game has started. Thanks for any answers
  4. Another new update and yet still no way of putting u23 Manager in charge of providing team selection advice in Tactics in responsibilities. Any news on the problem yet @Ben Kenney
  5. The great tactician Cleon probably knows more about tactics than most of everyone on here put together. Like he said the match engine has changed but the basics stay the same.
  6. @bluestillidie00 First of all what a great skin and definitley one of the best around so thank you for your efforts on this. On certain screens its really hard to see the writing so is there anything i can do to remedy this please. Merry Xmas 👍
  7. Hi there, With this new "Major Update" I was hoping you would be able to set the U23 Manager to do Team Selection Advice for the U23 team again. Is this going to be an ongoing problem or is it tough use your 1st Team Ass Man for team selection. But as you can see you can set U18 Manager to do the selection for the U18 team. This problem has been reported before and been told its being looked at so i'm abit surprised this wasn't fixed with this update.
  8. @Viktor IlivanovHi there, Any news on this issue yet please because its blinking annoying I can't use the U23 Manager for tactics
  9. @pikawa94I believe I donated for your skin for FM 2020 which was amazing but I can't remember if the skin had the CA/PA and hidden attributes panel in it. Will this skin have the hidden attribute panel included ? But I must say its looking awesome at the moment 👍
  10. Hi, As the title suggestes I can't select U23 manager to the tactics selection advice. As you can see in the pictures my u23 manager is not even in the list just the u18 manager. Is this a bug or should this happen?
  11. @Ben KenneyThe same error has happened again. I managed to get a save game saved just before the meeting and have uploaded it. The file is called Lindsay Beswick - Nottm Forest.fm. I hope this helps you 👍
  12. Sorry I don't have a saved game from just before as I only have One rolling saved game. No I hadn't done anything like selling or releasing anyone before hand either. So I think its was quite a random thing that happened.
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