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  1. I'm using the original skin and still says ZERO value I have uploaded my saved game with the file name Lindsay Beswick - Nottm Forest.fm if that helps. Lindsay Beswick - Nottm Forest.fm
  2. As you can see the players value are all Zero for some reason
  3. I just don't understand why SI Games waited until near release day for the full fat game to announce FMT won't be released for the PC. They must've known months ago it wasn't going to come out for the PC yet they still kept saying no need to worry about FMT its still happening. Please can you stop saying "You can still play the X-Box version on PC" and have to pay a monthly subscription for the privilege of it because wether you like it or not its NOT the same. I repeat what I say and that is they have shown complete contempt to their loyal customers and that really disappoints me from such a big company.
  4. Well SI Games have certainly pulled the wool over the loyal FMT players eyes. FMT will only be out for the Nintendo Switch now and only letting people know now after the loyal players have paid good money for the full fat game to get FMT free. Shocking way to treat us. It will certainly be the last year I buy your agame again.
  5. To be honest people have been asking for an editor for quite a few past editions of FMT so I think we have been a patient bunch. But even the chance to put custom databases in would be most welcomed so my thinking is that if you don't want to do an editor or things then save yourself some hassle and finish doing FMT then you won't keep getting your loyal customers asking for the same thing every year. Simples
  6. Sorry for this but I really miss the great @Cleon tactical insight of the game. It was truly an eye opener plus it helped me learn so much about the game as well.
  7. I can definetly see that change when Windows 11 arrives as not everyone can afford a new PC or even upgrade but thank you sir for your answers.
  8. @FrazT Thank you for replying to me. Do you think they'll ever bring a version for Linux back at all ??
  9. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. As the fall out of all the securuty issues that comes with Windows 11 such as TPM and Secure boot rages on. Will SI be allowing Football Manager to continue running on Windows 10 after the offical stopping of security updates from Microsoft which ends in 2025. I really hope you realise that not everyone who plays FM will be able to afford to buy a new PC to cope with the new OS and will perhaps be willing to allow the game to play on a Linux again as I really do believe alot of users will switch Operation System.
  10. I personally think theres only a couple to look at : https://www.youtube.com/c/BusttheNet/featured https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBt2OspH0nPnsgWvmG_aChA https://www.addictedtofm.com/comprehensive-guide-videos-football-manager/ This man is a legend in the FM community and he'll teach you everything you'll ever need to know about Football Manager. Good Luck
  11. @charliecul12I'm sorry its off topic but can you say what Skin you are using please.
  12. Hi there, Is it possible to turn off the in-game editor once the game has started. Thanks for any answers
  13. The great tactician Cleon probably knows more about tactics than most of everyone on here put together. Like he said the match engine has changed but the basics stay the same.
  14. @bluestillidie00 First of all what a great skin and definitley one of the best around so thank you for your efforts on this. On certain screens its really hard to see the writing so is there anything i can do to remedy this please. Merry Xmas 👍
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