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  1. Many thanks to all for the replies. I've enacted a few of the suggestions and I do find the game is flowing at a much better pace, though I can't say i'm holidaying between matches or even over matches. I do agree with you Padders in that the beauty of FM is in the detail that the game can bring. I'm never going to be a real life football manager but, like many others, can get damn close by playing this game. However i've not got a large amount of time on my hands at the moment and the way I enjoy playing, like dafuge mentioned, is to actually see progress in the game. Back in FM 07 I did a challenge similar to dafuge's and I took a team from nowhere up to the dizzying heights of the premier league and I loved all the time I spent really analysing scout reports and trying to sign the best players at the lowest price. However if I spent that kind of time again I would probably only get through maybe a season or two before the next game comes out, which I guess is the difference between being 17 and 22, and I get enticed by all the new features to the point where I ditch the game and move on to the new iteration. 3 hours a season does seem pretty excessive and I think I would lose some of the magic missing out on that 91st minute winner. Though saying that the heartache of it happening against you.. worrying that i'd use heartache but I would say that the feeling is similar... even though its Ronaldinho knocking your wonder West Brom side out of the champions league it hurts bad
  2. Hello Si forums, I've got a question relating to how long it takes to play the game specifically how long it takes to play a season. I was a huge huge fan of FM2007 and FM 2008 but haven't really been back since then, despite buying FM2010, FM2011 and currently own FM2012. I do however find the seasons take an age to play now days compared to the older versions and I find my interest waining fairly quickly. I honestly put it down to the new 3d match engine and find the switch back to the 2d view not as satisfying as before. My question, or problem, is what can I do to shorten the time a regular season would take? I find all the pre match stuff I more or less let my assistant do and I don't take control of the reserve/under 18 teams but I still find it takes ages talking to the media, having my backroom staff moaning at me because i'm not listening to their suggestions of who should be play maker and the constant e-mails from player agents who have next to no chance of ever being signed to my team. Anyone got any suggestions to rekindle my love of this game?
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