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  1. Can you upload it t rapidshare also or somewhere else?? mediafire is overloaded!!
  2. Can you upload what you have now so we can play until you upload the final version? I'm asking that because the tactic looks outstanding!!!
  3. You might be getting huge injuries because your "Strength and Aerobic" are set to high.
  4. First option here as well.
  5. You must be doing it wrong cause they are are normal in my game
  6. Who ever wants to use it here are the instructions. http://www.fmgamer.tv/forums/index.php?showtopic=17361
  7. Thanks man, i remember using it on 08 but wasn't able to use it on 09. I forgot about the "skin file". What happens if i wanna use the default skin?? Where does the file go?
  8. Are you sure because i tried it from Fm08 and it doesn't work. Can you upload your version?
  9. Anybody knows anybody on other forum that could attempt to make a cheat training for this version?
  10. Great job RUCI and thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Its there but it cant be used in this BETA version. I think we need this the most out of everything!!!! I'm sure it will be in the next version.
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