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  1. Im not reading between the lines at all, I'm using the literal example you used. Which you're now criticising me for citing without there being a visual. Your point about wanting players with low decisions or low team work to shut them off from making certain decisions makes some sense I will say. Well, not decisions, a player with bad decision making isn't shut off from anything except from making good decisions, but team work certainly. And where did I say anything about all first time hits being a sign of composure? Again, I'm talking specifically in the example you used where an extra touch would apparently be a sign of a composed player, but one that would ultimately cost the team a goal. This is a paradox. In that scenario it would behove a composed player capable of good decision making to just simply finish, and avoid the extra touch.
  2. Of course I can see the pros and cons of taking your time on a decision or not @Cleon dont be ridiculous, my point has nothing to do with that. You're saying composure is purely a measurement of speed of decision making though, that low composure players make rushed decisions, but that doesnt even describe composure. Composed players dont do things more slowly than non composed players. The game itself descrobes it as “steadiness of thought”. Being calm under pressure is not simply a measurement of speed of thought, and hitting a ball first time and not taking an unnecessary extra touch is actually an example of a player being composed. Taking a touch in the case you yourself laid out would be a mistake, a sign of a lack of composure, or just straight up bad decision making, not the other way around. God knows I watched enough of Nicklas Bendtner to know. I’m not separating the two at all! I literally just explained back to you how your definition of the two makes no logical sense and nothing more. The one on ones example was quite clearly leaving an awful lot out of the equation for the sake of convenience. I was clearly misguided in expecting some charity from you on that. I was simply making a small point that what I had interpreted composure to mean was different to you. I’m not even sure what you're on about with regards to conformity. You can be as conformist/ non conformist as you like, but what you said doesn't make basic sense cleon.
  3. Oh, I see you deleted your previous, somewhat condescending post then @cleon now my second response makes no sense :-(
  4. Hang on, when exactly did I profess to have any knowledge about attributes? I literally stated that my own experience was purely anecdotal, as in, purely speculative and open to change based on evidence. I’m simply saying that I find your own theory behind composure wholly unpersuasive. And, you can be as exasperated as you like cleon but your explanation of composure and decisions doesnt track with any logical coherence, I don’t need any knowledge of attributes to point out an obvious logical fallacy.
  5. Hang on, why on earth would composure mean ‘speed of decision’? There is no positive to having high composure then, if decisions is the stat that ultimately decides what action the player takes, and composure is a mere time modifier, surely a high decisions + low composure combination would always ensure the fastest, most efficient decision making? You can state the case for needing a player to “rush” a decision all you want (like shooting from certain crosses) and why low/high composure is relevant for that, but ultimately what a player does is decided by his decisions stat, so why would it ever be benificial for him to come to that decision slower than he could? A player with high composure then, and attempting to take an extra touch (in this example), isn't being ‘more composed’, he's simply not making the correct decision. 😂 In my anecdotal experience composure has just effected the rate at which (example) strikers bury clear one on ones, in relation to their finishing stat. You cant argue, especially without any evidence, that composure doesn't affect the ultimate decision a player will make and use this as example, its just doesn't track logically at all.
  6. not really anything constructive, but i imagine the reasoning behind your central amc being the prodominant scorer is due to the wider amcs being instructed to dribble and break through the defence, causing them move into wider positions between the opposition fb and cb, and your amc is probably often able to receive a cut back in the box, but i'm sure you know better than me on this anyway, if this is the case, your central amc could still easily the dominant creative force in the side, sliding throughballs to his teammates, but in the end scoring as he receives cutback passes. Interesting formation though and i intend on giving it a whirl, though im surprised you use a direct counter attacking style. I'll probably use a more fluid possession game, given the midfield dominance, and the lack of a striker gives me the impression that quick break-aways are difficult.
  7. yeah I know, but It's just the cascade of bad luck in that one game, a unjustly disallowed goal, a booking for it aswell. Followed by an awful own goal, and the FA refusing to admit there wrong, all i needed was a spinal injury and all the boxes would have been ticked! suffice it to say, im not being basel ever again.
  8. What I don't get that is that even when I get the chance to complain about it (which rarely is a choice, sometimes I find you don't even get the option of a post match interview, even if it's a game between title challengers, and even when you do the journalists would rather ask about transfer rumours instead of a blatant bad call), the FA punish ME for calling it CORRECTLY!! In what way do the replays show the referee was correct? HE'S WRONG!! I know the goal can't be rescinded or anything, but the fact the game won't even concede its failings is infuriating. And to stick the boot in further, Scott Chipperfield got booked for dissent on account of that 'offside' call, and under the Basel motivation tab it said 'Deserved his yellow card' I mean, come on... And the eagle eyed among may also notice I lost this game on account of an 84th minute own goal and I can clarify that yes, it was one of those own goals caused a cross that my CB, at the peak of the balls height, suddenly became disinterested in and decided to turn his back on completely, allowing it to go in off the back of his head. Perhaps he wanted to look my goalie in the eye as he did it. I know I would've only drew anyway, and I know I really should've beaten this team with ease regardless, but its frustrating to know that this could happen in a CL final, and I'd still be on the end of the FA's arse paddle. Truly though, is this a flaw in the coding, or an extremely rare, but coded incidence?? Maddening...
  9. Sorry in advance to pull a rant thread but some venting is necessary... Clearly not offside, and honestly, its not even marginal imho. But the icing on the cake?
  10. Not enough detail for any of us to really see what problem you're having exactly. But if he's regularly getting himself into situations to be as 'wasteful' as you say he is, then it could just be bad form. Also, check his ppm's too, I find strikers with 'likes to try first time shots' regularly do this instead of taking an extra touch and finishing. I'm not too sure of this myself, so feel free to correct, but playing at a high tempo may be forcing your striker to make decisions quicker than he's comfortable with, meaning he'll scuff his shots. Or maybe your striker just isn't a prolific finisher...
  11. To build on what Cleon has already said, i find that shouts are a great way to counter specific threats mid game, I personally leave my tactics to defaults and rely almost solely on shouts to set up the way i want my team to play. Having said that, switching styles mid game does have its issues, making constant major switches would necessitate having flexible players, for instance there'd be no point in playing a direct longball game if you're barcelona, etc. But changing the height of the d-line, your pressing style, width and which whether you exploit the flanks or middle are easy ways to completely turn a game around, or make your team better suited to the way your opponent plays.
  12. Worked a treat, won 3-0 though one was a Hooiveld corner (and it was the third goal anyway), and Lambert missing a penalty (knew he was a bad choice..). Despite the scoreline though, I created very few convincing chances with the large bulk of my attacks breaking down in the halfway line, despite playing longballs. Dropping deeper did allow Schneiderlin to really run the game, he made 52 passes at a completion rate of 90%, most which being long balls, so a really impressive %. Even though attacking wasnt consistant, I did succeed in shutting down a tight 5 man midfield, and Burnley couldn't get Rodriguez on the ball in danger areas, only having two shots and from tight angles. After 60-odd minutes Burnley switched to a flat 442 and i reverted to my typical anti-442 game, using shorter passing and exploiting the extra midfielder. Very appreciative of the help.
  13. My DM is already a DLP, and Schneiderlin loves spraying long passes about and has the ppm's for it, dropping my whole d-line deeper does seem a little unnecessary just to avoid a one man strike force, and I feel it would only serve to invite the 5 man midfield on my defence, but playing narrower and more direct could help bypass the midfield, I will give it a go. Perhaps Rickie Lambert would finally be of use.
  14. Currently I'm playing as Southampton (first season) and I've played against 4-5-1's a surprising amount of times already (27 league games in), I was expecting a sea of 442's but hey. I myself flick between 4-5-1 (or the 4-1-2-2-1) and a flat 4-4-2, depending on the opposition strength and their commonly used formation, and I'm third in the league. However where my problem lies is breaking down either opposing 4-1-2-2-1's or flat 4-5-1's, especially the latter, my players can never seem to find enough space to move the ball around, despite Southampton's vast array of ball-handy players. I'm next in line to play Burnley and they've fielded a flat 4-5-1 against similar or better rated teams frequently, so i suspect this is what they will use, I was wondering if they're any tricks to overcoming this formation. Normally I'd play a high d-line due to the lonely one man striker, but its Jay Rodriguez, who is much quicker than my current CB's. I'm no expert at analysing games, but a few of the common problems I have noticed when playing against this formation are that they gain immense width against me with their 5 flat midfielder's. When I use a 4-1-2-2-1, because my midfield players use up all the midfield strata's, their passing options are often slim and pressurised due to the midfield overload. And when the ball is at the feet of my front man, he usually has 2 CB's and at least 1 CM on his case too, often resulting in rushed passes or being simply tackled. If i use a 4-4-2, i find i only gain advantage when the ball is at my strikers feet, but the lessened men in midfield means i get it there at an ever slower rate, meaning i have to gamble on winning without dominating I've thought about using 3 at the back too, but I'm fearful that they're wide threat would become even greater. Is it the perfect formation, or am I overlooking a simple detail? Just to clarify as well, In both formations I use a fluid philosophy and the rest is defaults, changing match tactics with the in-match shouts as I watch every game (yes, even friendlies) in full.
  15. Signing Javier Pastore in the third season for Southampton, for just £6.5 mil
  16. I too, find this very annoying, I know the transfer money is only a budget, but I do not understand why the board don't pay off debts they can easily afford. At the very least, they should assess the monthly payments each year (so if you're very financial secure, monthly payments increase the following season).
  17. Having good man management skills doesn't include ******* off all of your players because they lost one game, a game which left their team 13 points clear. In fact, a manager with good man management skills might not have let his get team complacent after going up 1-0.
  18. I quit a newly started Athletic Bilbao save yesterday, as I drew with Shalke 2-2, I was 2 up, two own goals in second half left me with a draw. THEN, the very next game (against Gijon) I lost 3-0 ALL own goals, ALL 5 of these were off of corners too. Call me a bad loser, whatever, but it p***ed me off.
  19. I must say variation amongst regens frustrates me, trying to find regens for my current team (Barcelona) who can play in Xavi/Iniesta/Fabregas esque roles is nearly impossible, I'm not expecting him to be as good as these three, as they are immensely rare talents, but the fact that you almost never get a regen who has balanced passing, creativity and flair and a competent first touch, is annoying. Also agree with the "wrong position' issue, too many times I've found a dm/cm who is incredibly quick, good at dribbling and crossing, and dire at defending, yet has NO affiliation with a wide role at all, resulting in spending years of training focus to get him to play there. One last thing, I don't know if this is to do with me being Barcelona, or the fact that my regens are Spanish (national traits?), but nearly all of mine begin with well below 10 strength, and I mean most of them have like, 6 or 7, even my 6"6 cd.
  20. I have to agree here, this has happened to me countless times after running out of faith/patience with a particular tactic. Similarly, does anyone else find that sometimes when a player is returning to fitness he plays awesome, until he becomes fully fit, then plays like crap. I found this after I often leave the first seasons friendlies to my assistant, and it can sometimes lead to me playing my first league game with players who are at 60-80% match fitness, and they always play amazingly, only to turn into crap when they reach full fitness.
  21. i made an account just to say this, 80 days isnt a particularly long amount of time to have an injury, especially to a play a player who is worse than al habsi
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