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  1. Will be doing a new save after deadline day. Especially since we will have Ozil.
  2. I've bought Bale in a past save for around 27m. He was immense, only problem was his huge wages, I think he was on 120k at the start then like 165k towards the end of my save. Also why in the world would you buy Nasri and van Persie back????
  3. I think the one guy on here who is still playing FM 12 has had one built. I just decided to edit it in to see how much my attendance would increase.
  4. The stadium couldn't be expanded on FM 12 I know I think the same is for FM 13. I know irl the Emirates can't really be expanded, Gazidis said the same thing earlier this month.
  5. He certainly has played well for me so far, 7 goals in October. Also I have edited the database a bit where the Emirates can be expanded. During the first season I asked the board to expand the ground and they obliged by 6,822. Come the end of the first season they had plans to expand it by 16,000 so it will hold 76k starting in August 2014. Until then I play my home games in front of 90k a week at Wembley.
  6. Has anyone bought Adam Le Fondre from Reading? He was top scorer in the first season so I offered his value of 5.25m and had it accepted by Reading. I hope he isn't a flop.
  7. Started another new Arsenal save. I seem to enjoy them more when I aim to get a full English squad together. This might be quite difficult with the lack of good BWM that are English and strikers that will join us as well.
  8. Has anyone tried buying Samuel Umtiti or Paul Pogba? How much do you think I would have to spend to get either of them after the first season? Those two are definitely going to be my main targets for the summer.
  9. I've had Vermaelen, Walcott, Giroud, Sagna and De Sciglio who I brought in on loan to cover for Sagna all injured and out atleast 2 months so far in my first season. These injuries are a bit rediculous. Mertesacker has been immense for me though.
  10. Per Mertesacker has just been nominated for the World Golden Ball award for me in the first season...
  11. I play two CM's and a DMC (Jesus). I rotate between Verza, Keane and Wilshere as my two CM's along with a young Ukranian.
  12. So like Carmi I have decided to go back to my old FM12 save. I am in 2018/2019 season and have won every Premier League title since the start of the save. Here are a couple screenshots of my best players. Bought him a couple seasons ago for 4m and boy what a signing he has been. A rock at the back he has been awesome. This guy... He is a BEAST. He scored 100 goals in all competitions last season and won the Ballon D'or and became the first player to overthrow Lionel Messi. I bought him for just a measly 3m from Real Madrid and look at him now. Club captain and still great. Just 26 years old so he has a lot to go. The midfield enforcer bought for 8m from Real Madrid. He plays right in front of the defense and is very good. I bought this guy from Velez for just 950k and look at him now. Amazing and he partners Wilshere amazingly in my midfield. I bought this guy from bitter rivals Tottenham for just 1.7m two seasons ago and was hoping he would take over for Wilshere. Unfortunately he hasn't lived up to the best of his abilities but he is still very good and has started this season lively.
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