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  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Sporting Clube de Portugal B Short Name: Sporting B Founded: 2000-2004, 2012- Stadium: Estádio Municipal de Rio Maior (Capacity: 12,000) Sporting Lisbon's reserve team. Not my ideal first job but I can do well this should open a few doors. Sporting are one of Portugal's biggest teams and having an association to the team can't hurt, especially given Stockport turned me down for Gary Lowe. As of taking the job, the team is decimated by injury. We could really do with some senior team members being dropped for a few games. Onwards and upwards!
  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Starting out unemployed my first stop was the job centre. There are a number of open roles and some are way out of my grasp, but I've applied for all available managers jobs. They are as follows: England: Stockport - Skrill North France: Red Star FC - National Valenciennes FC - Ligue 1 Italy: Palermo - Serie B Holland: AZ - Eredivisie Portugal Olhanense - Premier League Spain: Salamanca AC - Second Divison B1 Puerta Bonita - Second Division B2 Brazil: Guarantinguetá - Second Division Flamengo - First Division Internacional - First Division Ideal jobs were Flamengo, Internacional, AZ and Palermo. However I strongly doubted I'd get any of these. I was immediately proved correct after a single continue in which 10 of the 11 applications were rejected. The first team I will be managing is..
  3. So today begins the next career I will be undertaking in FM14. The general intention of this career is to not spend too long at any particular club before moving on, however, ideally I must improve the clubs I am at, at least somewhat, before moving on. The rules that I will be sticking to therefore are as follows: No more than 5 years at any club - If needs be I must resign and wait for a decent job to come up General league finishes of the club must improve in comparison to when I get the job, if this is not possible i.e. the club is top of their league/champions then results should be roughly maintained In order to retire I must complete a treble winning year at my favourite club, Manchester United. This means, obviously, winning the league, FA Cup and CL. If the Manchester United job is offered to me it MUST be taken, regardless of current status in game My game will have a large database and start in July 2013. The playable leagues loaded are as follows: England - Skrill N/S Brazil - Second Division France - National Germany - Second Division Holland - Jupiler League Italy - Serie C1 Portugal - Second League Scotland - Scottish League 2 Spain - Second Division B My manager's name is Joe Strummer purely as a reference to the thread title, past experience being a Sunday League Footballer for the added challenge.
  4. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    Hoffenheim manager got sacked, I applied for the job. Luckily the Rostock board reacted in hope I'd stay otherwise the message I received below would've been salt in the wound.
  5. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    Mid Season Update - Season 2011/2012 2. Bundesliga League Table We are playing way above our expectation for the 2. Bundesliga this season. The board indicated a safe mid-table finish would be needed and the media gave us a prediction of 12th out of 18 teams, however, we're proving them all wrong and are currently looking like we could take the title at the end of the season, or at the very least enter the playoffs. With that said, however, I'm unsure how long this run can last. Nobody on our team seems to be playing exceptionally well for any long periods of time and I feel as though fatigue towards the end of the season may hurt our results. However the league table shows that we can fight it out with anyone in the 2. Bundesliga. DFB-Pokal Fixtures and Results Our run in the DFB-Pokal is also exceeding expectations with the board expectant that we reach the second round. A close first game going to extra time against Bochum in which we were written off by the media took us through with a 2-1 win away from home followed by a 3-0 trouncing of Dusseldorf in the second round. Our third round draw may see us tumble out of the competition as Kaiserslautern are a Bundesliga side and have better players at their disposal and we're once again playing away from home where our form hasn't matched that of our home games. It is, however, a very disappointing draw as other Bundesliga sides such as Bayern, Leverkusen and Werder Bremen (amongst others) were in the draw and as we are likely to go out it would have been nice to play against one of the larger clubs in Germany. Thoughts So Far Rostock aren't the side I want to manage, that much has become clear to me. I'm hoping that we can keep our form going throughout the rest of the season and perhaps a top division club from one of the countries I have loaded will be on the lookout for a new manager. If we do manage to get promoted to the Bundesliga I will have a decision to make as ideally I do want to make a German club my first long stay before moving on, however I don't think Rostock are the club for me. I'm hoping that one of the underachieving Bundesliga sides (Hoffenheim are currently sat in the relegation playoff spot, that would be just about perfect) sack their manager and I can jump in there, but that's for the end of the season so I can but wait for my chance.
  6. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    Only a small update as I haven't found much time to get too many games in, however, we're breaking records!
  7. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    It's still only early in the season but so far the boys are exceeding even my own expectations. I have a feeling the board may have underestimated what we are capable of achieving this season.
  8. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    Thanks! The skin is Fahrenheit by Torben. You can get it here.
  9. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    FC Hansa Rostock Background Founded in 1965, FC Hansa Rostock are a professional German club currently playing in the 2. Bundesliga. The club play their home games at DKB-Arena and possess good training facilities and average youth facilities. The club also has above average junior coaching and an above average youth recruitment network. The club is affectionately known as Hansa and retains a fierce rivalry with FC St. Pauli and SG Dynamo Dresden. Although Hansa are enduring a sixteen year barren spell, having not won a competition since 1995, the club still have a history of which they can be justly proud. Rostock won the German 2nd tier for the only time in 1995 and finished runners-up once, finished runners-up in the German 3rd tier for the only time in 2011, won the DDR-Liga in 1991 and finished runners-up once, and won the FDGB-Pokal in 1991 and finished runners-up on two occasions. The club seem to be in trouble financially, with players that are earning more than they should despite not being good enough even for a 2. Bundesliga squad and no chance of improving any time soon. Overall, however, the squad seems reasonably strong and I feel like we can push for a top half finish, despite the media's prediction of 12th (of 18). Currently, the team have played two pre-season games and come out with a loss and a draw but I'm reasonably happy with that as they were against teams I'd consider far stronger than ourselves so the boys shouldn't be too disheartened. Profile Facilities
  10. Wherever I May Roam - A Journeyman Career

    So upon starting the game I immediately checked the vacancies for a managers position across the leagues I've loaded. Primarily this brought up Brazil Serie B jobs, however there were a few from other nations. Having applied to them all, the following offers came in: Guarani Guaratinguetá Rostock Salgueiro (PE) Vila Nova (GO) Of these offers I am most interested in Rostock as I would prefer not to start in the middle of the Brazilian season. Although the teams that have come forward from Brazil are all close to one another in the league and the chance to decide their battle is highly tempting. The decision to be made decides where we begin our journey. South America or Europe.
  11. After reading a few of the threads both here and around the internets I decided that I'd embark on one myself and track the progress. I've been lurking these forums for a while and felt this would be a great way to start contributing! Introduction Choosing the leagues to load proved the initial tough choice. I intend to start relatively unknown so I wanted some of the lower leagues of the game to be loaded, but I also don't want the game to slow down too much. I decided that I'd have a mixture of European and South American leagues. The following leagues were loaded: Argentina - Nacional B Brazil - Brasileirão Série B England - Blue Square Bet Premier Germany - 2. Bundesliga Italy - Serie B Spain - Liga Adelante This combination of leagues means we begin our in England, July 2011. Goals for this Career Hopefully throughout this career we can emulate one of my favourite threads and take an unknown team to the heights of world football, such as dafuge's world beaters in Northern Ireland. We may find ourselves skipping from a few clubs in the early years until we find ourselves a new home where our aims will be to set up a solid financial plan for the future with an emphasis on youth development to keep us on top for many years, only to move on and do it all again at our next home!