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  1. Mattias Vecino should have "Thrives on playing big matches" and at least 17 determination Last game Serie A 17/18: scored at 81' Lazio 2-[3] Inter UCL 18/19 Group Stage: scored at 92' Inter [2]-1 Tottenham Milan Derby: assisted Icardi at 92' Inter [1]-0 Milan He seems have an extra gear after minute 80th. Ivan Perisic: 18/19 workrate (I believe Mandzukic still more dilligent than him) & 18 stamina World Cup 2018: He covered most distance 72Km. Serie A 17/18: Only missing one game. There are reasons why Jose Mourinho wanted him at Man Utd, Perisic press enemy and trackback till the last minute. Marcelo Brozovic also deserves good workrate & stamina upgrade.
  2. Jeison Murillo's Valencia has no historical career for season 2017/2018. Originally owned by Inter, he is loaned to Valencia, played 15 times as starter and 2 as substitutes.
  3. - Scouting screen display Scout's Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential attribute. - Able to move co-own player that currently playing in another club to reserve team. In FM 2012, I unable to do that since the player is first team choice in his current club.
  4. hey... the price is higher than FM 2012 http://eu.download-store.sega.com/shop/football-manager-2013 it cost €49.99 I wonder if the price is similar for all country
  5. 1. Scouting screen display scout attribute for their "judge current ability" and "judge potential ability". Coaching screen has coach attribute, why scout not? 2. Smarter artificial intelligence. 3. Easier way to train PPM. 4. Scout has ability to trace our past/junior player that already join another club. Barca fans will love this feature. 5. Transfer drama/saga.
  6. I play serie A team and find out the co-owned player that currently play in other club cannot be moved to different squad Ex: juraj kucka is in first team, there is no 'squad' option in order to move him to reserve squad
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