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  1. Nottingham Forest Andy Reid back as U23 coach, Jimmy Gilligan has left for an FA job with Chris Cohen moving up to manage U23's https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/2020/january/andy-reid-returns-as-under-23s-coach/
  2. Good going mate, getting to the play offs is some achievement. I've just started a Wigan save, I am still in Pre Season at the moment assessing and sorting etc, It seems a really well balanced squad and I am looking forward to seeing how Gelherdt develops, I watched Wigan at our place a few weeks ago and they were really unlucky to lose, they were all over us, missed a penalty and 2 sitters, Gelherdt ran us ragged when came on as sub. Can't believe Blackburn let Mulgrew out on loan, his set piece delivery is outstanding.
  3. Just started a Wigan Athletic save and was wondering if anyone else is managing the Latics? Still assessing in Pre Season and they seem to have a well balanced squad, I'm looking forward to see how young Joe Gelhardt develops.
  4. Lol, well you are playing us tomorrow and with our home form you may continue your unbeaten run.
  5. Just noticed that one of the Cardiff City Directors/Board members Steve Borley is also a Physio as his second job, he must be short of cash
  6. Good thread mate Just getting started with my Wednesday save this weekend, agree with you about it being a well balanced squad for the short term, needs a lot of planning for the future though as a lot of the players are getting on a bit. I'm playing with 1st window transfer budgets switched off so got the current bunch until January, which will give me ample time to assess and plan long term, will let you know how I get on.
  7. Always look forward to this thread, great job Warlock. Sheffield Wednesday for me this time.
  8. Had a really good first month to my save, Long balls and set pieces! it ain't pretty but its working for me. Only lost twice and scoring lots of goals, I've just lost both my Big Lumps Smith and Proctor to injury which is a massive blow to the way I play. Best players have been Newell W(S) and Manning B2B.
  9. Good to see you are still doing a cracking job Spills I have finally decided to give Rotherham a go. Just loaded up a save, 1st window transfer budgets switched off so will be using the current squad until January. Been analysing the squad, still in pre season and decided to go with a standard 442 with Route One tactic as I feel this best suits the squad. Going to recall Purrington from his loan as cover at left back and send Raggett back to balance the wages as Ryner and Robertson are enough cover at CB, I wish Yates had a recall clause too as really need cover for Vassell. How did Vaulks do for you? I have always found it difficult to find a role for him, I am using him as a CM(D) alongside Manning B2B.
  10. Good job warlock excellent summaries, I am a masochist and am managing Bolton Wanderers, god help me !
  11. In a 4231 I think its essential that both CM's sit and hold, I use a BWM(D) and a DLP(D) and I swear by this combination, this allows cover for attacking full backs and gives a solid base which allows your front 4 the freedom to express themselves, I've also found that the BWM(D) is a lot more disciplined than in previous versions. The 4231 is too top heavy to allow the CM's any freedom, using any of them as Mezzala or B2B is asking for trouble and can leave your CB's exposed.
  12. Great going Spilly I'm always tempted to have a go with the Millers after reading your stories.
  13. Hi James, Great to see you doing another Barnsley Career will be following and maybe doing one myself, really enjoyed last season's career, I'm becoming a FM Barnsley Fan.
  14. I also had some success with a SS behind a DLF(s) with the DLF given PI Move Into Channels.
  15. Herne has nailed it in his post, Team Cohesion is a must in pre season and beyond really until your squad cohesion is in the green (in the dynamics screen) A friendly every 3 days with 45 min per player (which I've found reduces injuries) Match tactics until fluid, I normally only give a rest after Matches in the last 2 weeks of pre season.
  16. Nice bit of business. I see IRL Forest are tracking Lewis Morgan at St Mirren, looks a good prospect.
  17. Many Thanks Herne, Apologies for putting it in the wrong thread.
  18. A quick question, I am currently training Team Cohesion in Pre Season, How do I know when this is maxed out? I realise that Team Cohesion training doesn't effect player attributes but was wondering how to gauge the effects of this training in squad cohesion.
  19. Interesting, a move away from the Trent! I see you are 7th Rob, that's a good effort for your 1st season.
  20. Yeah agreed, You have a CF(s) who will hold it up but no one is getting up with and beyond him, also your AP(A) has no options ahead of him as runners to pass to. I would put one of your wide men on IF(A) and one of the CM's on attack or B2B.
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