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  1. ok trying to take screenshots and not working at all so trying the next game and now find myself 2-1 down at half time to Sheffield weds again nothing changed just plug and play with strongest team available
  2. so tried this with Wigan as really really struggling tactic wise teams far to inconsistent so gave this a shot as similar to how I set up the team now being using this for 6 games and really not seeing any change in my side record is P6 W1 D2 L3 including getting beat 5-2 from Blackburn worst result of the season. help needed here. To add tried this with my long term Aberdeen save already had a successful 4-2-3-1 which won me the treble 1st season so thought try this 2nd season and it more effective than the previous tactic not as strong defensively as others have said before but im defiantly scoring far more.
  3. As said before Caley in Scotland never won a major trophy never made the top half in spl good spine of a squad St Johnstone who's only major honours are a few cup semi finals tho are in Europe Or Ross county the Swansea of Scotland a real up and coming team reached the spl without overspending and balancing the books unlike teams have done in the past I.e dundee, Livingston and Gretna
  4. What about Inverness Caley thistle or Ross county in Scotland this is county's 1st ever season in the top flight whereas Caley Are an spl regular since 2009 and have yet 2 gain a top half finish for europe
  5. Rather easy one want to manage a team where the board is really relaxed don't care about budgets as this year am really struggling to get any tactic to gel so keep getting sacked as don't meet demands
  6. Finally started up a save with them earlier managed to bring in a few new faces to sure up the defence and an alternative attacking but same as everyone else leaking goals 1st game beat Wigan 2-0 only to be gubbed 4-0 by Swansea then I go beat man u 3-0 but then lose 4-3 to west Ham I was 4-0 down so dnt seem so bad then came a 7-4 drubbing by qpr again 6-0 down my tactics just don't seem to be gelling in the progress bit and dunno why at all they are stuck at awkward any ideas
  7. Yeah it's only the winner that qualifies for CL in regards to the consolidation think the easiest way is getting rid of the high wages and bringing quality youngsters or cheap like for likes wage wise. Ive only kept Russell Anderson as am led to believe he becomes a great coach but as for a player he's been quite mistake prone and Joe Shaughnessy has been a far better partner for considine
  8. Not quite finished it yet been busy with work but finding the league very tipsy turvey 8 games to go and 7 points separating 2-9 even bottom placed hibs r only 13 points off 2nd. Projected to be 1.8million in debt and can only offer 1k a week wage wise so tied up the youngsters with 4star potential letting Rae, Naysmith, Hughes go for frees. Wages next season for the squad left is only projected to be 18k a week got a few youngsters and mediocre cheapies coming on bosmans if the are 3 and a half stars or better I'll look at them. Hayes and considine have been amazing for me Steven Cohen Ferne Snoyl are also 2 freebies I'd highly recommend Snoyl plays best as a ball winning dmc while Cohen is great playin a role just off the striker(honourable mention is he's an Isreali regular after winning his 1st cap)
  9. that is the way I feel you have to go this year with the dons am half way through the season brought in 325k in transfer fees getting rid of brown paton clark and fallon brought in 3 players still 2.5k under wage budget but leaking money right left and centre (on average 500k a month) so lower league or cheap promising freebies seems the only way to go this year if you want to just make it to the end of the season. Have they changed it to make administration a big deal this time round as I fear that this season. and great to see another dons thread this year alw
  10. I pre-ordered the 5th of October and haven't had a thing yet at all
  11. Thanks just curious if anybody else has had same problem with them emailed retailer yesterday with a standard reply
  12. I pre-ordered my copy the 5th of October in store thru my Mate and still haven't received my beta key from them anyone else have this problem or just me Right now am seething
  13. Don't usually post on here so started up a man city save and decided to go crazy money wise to compete with the real life man city in trying to buy the league. So transfers as follows all over 48months: In Musacchio 9m Areola 2.5m Trapp 9.5m Muniain 20m Hazard 33.5m Gotze 68m Aurtenetxe 37m Bale 70m Out Harry bunn 300k Alex henshall loan fee 3.5k Can't get rid of the deadwood for life or money So as on to formation am playing a very attacking 4-2-4 with wingers. As for pre-season was ok HSV 5-1 Barcelona 2-2 Cantania 2-2 Al-Jazira 3-0 As you can see no problem scoring goals it the defence that's bit shaky but it's still early days had confidence it would sort itself out so up came the charity Shield well lost that 2-1 no surprise team still gelling but biggest shock was 1st game of the season against Sunderland team has finally gelled score as follows: Manchester City 11 that's right 11 Sunderland 0 tevez the hero with 7 goals if I know how to post screenshot can show it but not sure how to as don't usually post.
  14. What like are Atalanta budget as don't they have a points deduction is there any leagues out there that might have teams in serious financial trouble but may take alot longer to conquer Europe as feel in Italy may become easy
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