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  1. You didn't specified. I'm waiting for Narnia, if you don't mind.
  2. Lol, it will be out the 5th of November, confirmed. And do you know why? Miles birthday is on the 4th, do you expect him to be stressed with bugs the days before his anniversary?
  3. My source says that the Beta will be out on the 5th on November.....
  4. Smashing everybody in my 5th season. It would not be outstanding since i have a tons of wonderkids and full grown top players. But winning every game by 5, 6 or more it's insane!!! I just tweaked the defensive lines and marking. Dropped 2 notches the attacking one and one notch the defensive one, and i use tight marking. 80 goals scored in 16 games, 3 conceded. Thank you
  5. The keepers are coming out of the box more often, but even with a man besides them (corners), they are not challenged...
  6. So, the idea to counter this should put the FBs in support, so they would not try and go to the touchline and not using overlap. But underlap might work better now. Have you tried it?
  7. Using short passing and lower tempo does not solve it? Is the passing done with the player under pressure?
  8. Best tactic at the moment. No corner exploit like Knaps, and it works with all formations!!!
  9. It will take time to work, but if not, change to another one. Sometimes the players in the midfield don't link well and the tactic does not work. If you have more defensive mids, it works. If you have more creative mids, switch to the one with mezzala and BtB
  10. Use the Liverpool one to start, then change to Spurs one if does not work.
  11. I agree with most but would like to add: 1 - If they could add a tutorial for the editor, even better 2 - It could give the option to be added, randomly to other leagues, like in 2022 been added to the Dutch League 3 - Except for English, the majority likes to play their favorite clubs, aka, bigger clubs. And this also makes sense to have an editor to create more leagues. But they could make it easier on the editor (i don't understand the concept to unlock advanced rules for a league) 4 - Every year the add them, and it's fine 5 - I have to agree on this with Miles. Not everyone has 1000 € to buy a gamer laptop and even hard core FMers like to view in 2D so... 6 - Better graphics like stadiums and alike to make them resemble the real ones has the copyright problem. The same with logos. If they could open a stadium editor? Not important, imo. 7 - nothing to add About the ME. yes, it's the same, what changes in the AI, or not?
  12. Thanks but im a slow savegame player, only one save per year, so i will keep the bug and use FMRTE to solve the issue, although it bring a lot of unhappiness to the group...
  13. Dallan, i had to buy FMRTE do avoid the 1st of February issue. Its a great competition and adding that to my b squad in england, i have the best that i can ask as a long term save. But you have to refund me 6.14€...
  14. You're joking but in Portugal we have a lot of babies in March/April, 9 months after the summer festivals...
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