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  1. From a long time player of this game, this year's version is fantastic. Cheers SI 👍
  2. Maybe something to do with an affiliate club might work?
  3. How can I do that if I can't sign him in the first place because of work permit? The game has told me that we are not leaving the European Union, which is very sensible indeed.
  4. Butya player who won't get a work permit and send him on loan somewhere else in Europe so he can gain one?
  5. Just thought I'd post these goals my counter attacking side scored, nice variety of goals, great to see. Apologies for the crude video, no idea how to upload
  6. Thing is, I saw an exactly the same goal yesterday. The pass from the right sided player, the angle of the shot, everything.
  7. I play on comprehensive and most of the time it's very difficult to get a good idea of what's happening. There's rarely a good flow to the game. Nearly all of the highlights start from a dead ball situation, and of those most of them are free kicks. Not only does it reduce the match into a collection of dead ball highlights, it is hugely frustrating. If my team has conceded 6 free kicks in the first half from the same position, I want to know what has taken place each time for that to happen so I can make adjustments. There's nothing worse than a highlight starting from a dead ball and a goal being scored from it. How does that add to the game experience? The only way around this is either to watch it on full match or rewind, both not really practical. On the rare occasion the highlights flow nicely the game is a joy to play.
  8. Seems to be a lot of headers from close range going over the bar
  9. Has it been done in previous years? Feels like I'm taking it easy just being in the 2nd league from the top compared to England. Jesus just read on on the rules for the Dutch 2nd Division, what on earth have I walked into
  10. I've come back from holiday in Holland on 6th July 2020, it's now 13 July and I see no new promoted side in the 2nd Division. What am I doing wrong? Three relegated side still in there yet the promoted side have left
  11. Be interesting to see what type of goals the strikers are scoring
  12. The continue game timeout used to be awesome because you only had to move the mouse to stop it. Now it's gone back to you having to click something for it to stop. A backwards step.
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