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  1. To use in your phone/tablet during the match. Stats, substitutions and tactics during the match in real time. A player txts you in the game, the app lights up. Etc
  2. Over 200 passes in two games but no key passes and three assists.
  3. Forgive the crude photos, I don't know how to screenshot. Thanks
  4. I'm on it. Plenty of attacking flair, if not a striker
  5. My striker went through, skinned the goalie and tapped it in. Wonderful
  6. If you tick “look for overlap”, untick it. Get your CMs to “take more risks”. Might see an Improvement.
  7. So you can export team for online play, but not have the option to use it once online? What am I missing? Used to love playing a 5 game league match against my son's team.
  8. How do you guys cope with the situation where you are unable to place players into the "2" side and they get games to become match fit?
  9. Birmingham, with Jude Bellingham?
  10. Please don't tinker with the engine anymore, I think it's great. Top to bottom, I think this year's version is the best there's been.
  11. What's wrong with the AMC role ? Do you expect a masterclass each time he steps on the field? There are so many variables and things to take into consideration as to why it might not work for you? Have you looked into those before saying it's broken?
  12. My post was from a very small sample size, one game against mediocre opposition, and one against truly a terrible team. Pre season.
  13. Only played two games but it's certainly different. Pressing feels a bit odd, even though my mentality is positive and I have high line and high engagement, after a short oppo goal kick things go weird, the d line stays put and I only get one midfielder run out about 100 miles and try to press. It may be the player roles etc, but it seems weird, sometimes everything sort of stops while opposition have the ball in their half after a goal kick. Liking the wide play, no longer does it seem that a player will stop and wait to be closed down to kick it into the shins and out for a corner.
  14. From a long time player of this game, this year's version is fantastic. Cheers SI 👍
  15. Maybe something to do with an affiliate club might work?
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