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  2. Italy's players always got back into position without the ball. Belgium's wide players were lazy getting back. It made for the odd decent break for them, but overall they didn't work hard enough
  3. I love Italy. No way Belgium were ever going to get past that back line.
  4. After ten mins I put £10 on Italy to win one nil. £55 if it came up. I literally managed to finish cashing out at £51.17 as the ball was going to Pele. True story
  5. A zlatan cam would be brilliant!
  6. The audio options thing on BBC 1 is awesome. So glad there's an option for no commentary at all. Always wanted that. Problem is it makes the match into non HD, so therefore I won't really use it
  7. How do you think this tactic would work for a team with worse players than Bayern? Is this an elite team only tactic , or could you see it working lower down?
  8. A defensive strategy combined with press much more will not achieve this is my opinion. You could have a compact shape with a defensive strategy with players closing down less, keeping in position, not leaving gaps. Or you could have a more adventurous strategy with a higher line with more closing down, which would have less gaps being left between the lines as the players close down. For me it is one or the other
  9. I am in Italy and I am fielding questions about the lack of a winter break on the last game before a two week break.
  10. I really like it. However, my player had a long shot that the keeper threw in, but the really bizarre thing was that the game decided to replay the goal in 3d. Only that goal. I play 2d classic and have replays on 2d classic. weird
  11. my FM is updating for some weird reason......
  12. I have had two crash dumps on two different saves, both when making changes at half time, doing the team talk then clicking to start the second half. I am no good with computers so struggle to upload the data, just thought I would say here in case it helps
  13. The Secret Footballer's Guide To The Modern Game. Just finished reading this. It won't help with FM but it is a good read nevertheless. Some interesting parts about tactics , especially the part about using the ball to control the opponents, not just passing for the sake of it.