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  1. gechal

    Morocco v Iran

    after these two games i have sat through Portugal Spain better be good ffs
  2. gechal

    Monday Fun?

    i should hope not
  3. gechal

    Monday Fun?

    22 rounds ffs !
  4. The BT Sport production is so consistently bad it is good, almost like it is going to turn into cult status. Add into that the Frank Warren horror shows where his fighter has a nightmare and the crowd always kick off whether it's in east London or Manchester, it is can't miss, look through your fingers car crash telly at its finest
  5. would these count as innovative
  6. gechal

    Day thread

    Rocky Rockstar wins, mot , full service, wiper blades changed as well as front pads and disks.
  7. gechal

    Day thread

    how much will my 14 year old car's full service and Mot cost today? upvotes for the closest amount
  8. gechal

    Day thread

    thetford forest?
  9. I'm not paying for that. Also I dislike Howard Foster immensely
  10. I didn't read it as bills seeker, just as bliss seeker. I thought you'd died
  11. Have you got to pick it yourself?
  12. gechal

    Renting somewhere that is been sold

    This is an assumption, what if he has signed like a periodic tenancy, where either party has to give 2 months notice? In fact I don't think he has signed anything yet. If I was him I would get out of it asap
  13. gechal

    Renting somewhere that is been sold

    The renting sector needs massive regulation. It is a shambles and favours landlords massively. Tenants are just a commodity.