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  1. So the higher the number of the processor, the better it is right? A decent cpu can run quality 3d without the need of a graphics card?
  2. A four year old Samsung laptop - is it possible and cost effective to put a decent graphics card and add some ram? Save dropping a ton of cash on a new one
  3. That's not the spirit! Maybe we can help. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  4. Ok thanks for that. Maybe the trackpad has a sensitivity setting? I thought the hard disk would be for storage and the ssd for running programs, so surprised to hear of the fans running quite so hard.
  5. How are you getting on with it
  6. Is that the same as this one on currys
  7. I cant upload it here as pc wont have it, but it is on the ftp, under "Ebbsfleet Replay"
  8. I went back in and the goal replays in extra time are now not frosty but normal as in normal time. Im not going mad, it did happen ..
  9. Normal pitch for 90 mins, soon as the game goes into extra time the pitch was frozen and we had the orange ball out. I didnt check what the weather was at the beginning of the game. The PKMs should be on the FTP site, 9 of them called " Ebbsfleet vs Bishops Stortford"
  10. My old Samsung laptop, 2,4 ghz, 4gb ram i5 processor windows 7 64bit really struggles with FM. Laggy game, fan running non stop. I think I would like a SSD laptop. Or would upgrading to windows 10 help my old system? I cant seem to find the reccomnded system set up for FM, only the minimum. I would like s decent Fm experience, with lots of players loaded and fast responsive game.
  12. Italy's players always got back into position without the ball. Belgium's wide players were lazy getting back. It made for the odd decent break for them, but overall they didn't work hard enough
  13. I love Italy. No way Belgium were ever going to get past that back line.
  14. After ten mins I put £10 on Italy to win one nil. £55 if it came up. I literally managed to finish cashing out at £51.17 as the ball was going to Pele. True story