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  1. The continue game timeout used to be awesome because you only had to move the mouse to stop it. Now it's gone back to you having to click something for it to stop. A backwards step.
  2. Would be nice to have match plans for set peices. One nil up with one minute to go and if I don't manually change it my whole team will go forward for a corner. Manually changing it all the time is a pain.
  3. There's no way of getting a Mac book air cheaper brand new than normal? All prices seem standard across the board
  4. Don't put it into the game until it is up and running in real life and we know how it will affect football. Putting it in now is just ridiculous.
  5. I've just played my first game today with the same tactic and I am getting a licking in terms of possession, play a counter style. The ME has changed has it?
  6. Various tactics with various teams and various quality players over the years.
  7. To me it still seems that when my players are in a good crossing position, they always hit the fullback and out it goes for a corner. Even when they receive the ball in tons of space, they wait to be closed down before attempting the cross. Sometimes a ball goes over, but more often than not, I get this. It's been going on since '17.
  8. On 2d mode when a goal goes in the banner at the top to say the scorer comes in a touch too fast, needs the ball to settle in the net before it shows. Feels like you see that before the goal.
  9. It's a bit slow on startup, but once settled it's fine. FN and F9 turns off the backlit keyboard
  10. Runs 3d very smoothly, each click screen to screen is fast, no fans going mad. Perfect
  11. Just setting up, 23 leagues from 11 nations with a large database , 4 Star game speed for what it's worth
  12. I think Ipswich could be the way. Big ground, rich history, low expectations. Perfect!
  13. If you can wait until tomorrow afternoon/evening, which is the first point I will have time to unbox it You said it was good!!! You can make up for the uncertainty by giving me tips and hints on how to remove bloatware if you like.
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