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  1. If you tick “look for overlap”, untick it. Get your CMs to “take more risks”. Might see an Improvement.
  2. So you can export team for online play, but not have the option to use it once online? What am I missing? Used to love playing a 5 game league match against my son's team.
  3. How do you guys cope with the situation where you are unable to place players into the "2" side and they get games to become match fit?
  4. Birmingham, with Jude Bellingham?
  5. Please don't tinker with the engine anymore, I think it's great. Top to bottom, I think this year's version is the best there's been.
  6. What's wrong with the AMC role ? Do you expect a masterclass each time he steps on the field? There are so many variables and things to take into consideration as to why it might not work for you? Have you looked into those before saying it's broken?
  7. My post was from a very small sample size, one game against mediocre opposition, and one against truly a terrible team. Pre season.
  8. Only played two games but it's certainly different. Pressing feels a bit odd, even though my mentality is positive and I have high line and high engagement, after a short oppo goal kick things go weird, the d line stays put and I only get one midfielder run out about 100 miles and try to press. It may be the player roles etc, but it seems weird, sometimes everything sort of stops while opposition have the ball in their half after a goal kick. Liking the wide play, no longer does it seem that a player will stop and wait to be closed down to kick it into the shins and out for a corner. No more short corners played back to the taker for an offside. Balls over the top seem to have gone right down, had 1 clear one on one in 2 matches and that came from a surging run, not a through ball. It was saved by the keeper but it seemed plausible taking into mind the angle , speed of the run, etc. Goalmouth action does seem a little more realistic. The game still doesn't flow as I'd like, but I think the engine is a decent step in the right direction. I noticed just now that my board gave me an F because a signing cost too much, yet I delegated the buying and contact offering to the chairman. Classic Levy, blaming the manager for his shortcomings.
  9. From a long time player of this game, this year's version is fantastic. Cheers SI 👍
  10. Maybe something to do with an affiliate club might work?
  11. How can I do that if I can't sign him in the first place because of work permit? The game has told me that we are not leaving the European Union, which is very sensible indeed.
  12. Butya player who won't get a work permit and send him on loan somewhere else in Europe so he can gain one?
  13. Just thought I'd post these goals my counter attacking side scored, nice variety of goals, great to see. Apologies for the crude video, no idea how to upload
  14. Thing is, I saw an exactly the same goal yesterday. The pass from the right sided player, the angle of the shot, everything.
  15. I play on comprehensive and most of the time it's very difficult to get a good idea of what's happening. There's rarely a good flow to the game. Nearly all of the highlights start from a dead ball situation, and of those most of them are free kicks. Not only does it reduce the match into a collection of dead ball highlights, it is hugely frustrating. If my team has conceded 6 free kicks in the first half from the same position, I want to know what has taken place each time for that to happen so I can make adjustments. There's nothing worse than a highlight starting from a dead ball and a goal being scored from it. How does that add to the game experience? The only way around this is either to watch it on full match or rewind, both not really practical. On the rare occasion the highlights flow nicely the game is a joy to play.
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