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  1. In hounor of decapitated. Just surreal
  2. Donated to Dazza hospice. Really wanted to put live from gechal but didn't see the option
  3. I have just donated to the hospice. Much love SCR. I also donated to this guy today as well, after seeing it on Reddit, if anyone feels like helping him. So e way short of his target https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mybigcancerwalk?fbclid=IwAR2Aj1Y4R3g1GapJW4tbyGzyJbBxX1kSrIPrwZOXPoYiC7eTVpdNi8JPc5o
  4. Player want a new contract and is upset I haven’t given him one. Player is 45% owned by agent. Can’t offer contact until I have full ownership. Im unable to tell player this and he feels betrayed and upset. I try to buy share, but unable to negotiate as the button won’t work, so submit and offer that the game doesn’t seem to acknowledge this has happened. im unable to tell player this and he feels betrayed and upset. I am upset too.
  5. I just want to say as an FM veteran that this is by far the best version of the game of all time. It's absolutely fantastic. Happy Christmas to all you legends at sports interactive
  6. To use in your phone/tablet during the match. Stats, substitutions and tactics during the match in real time. A player txts you in the game, the app lights up. Etc
  7. I'm on it. Plenty of attacking flair, if not a striker
  8. If you tick “look for overlap”, untick it. Get your CMs to “take more risks”. Might see an Improvement.
  9. So you can export team for online play, but not have the option to use it once online? What am I missing? Used to love playing a 5 game league match against my son's team.
  10. How do you guys cope with the situation where you are unable to place players into the "2" side and they get games to become match fit?
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