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  1. Ah, that makes sense. I'm only basing this on my own (not too successful) experience with this TI . Did you find that this change had an impact on the areas the supply came from? A greater spread of assists and key passes etc. One issue I seem to have with Retain Possession is an over reliance on a Play Maker (or a player with Tries Killer Balls PPM) to finally breakthrough. Obviously we're using different tactical systems etc. but it's interesting that you've managed to overcome this! KUTGW.
  2. A highly enjoyable and informative thread. A quick thought on the above: I would have thought that removing the Retain Possession TI would have had a greater success in achieving the desired results. I find that with retain possession that spark of creativity needed to unlock teams is extinguished by the need to keep the ball at all costs. Another downside of this is a horrifying mimicry of the way England have played for the last 10 years or so (perhaps longer). I know your philosophy calls for high possession, though against teams sitting back, did you find that this was a given withou
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