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  1. Any chance of an upload Zefinho, would love to have a go with Bristol Rovers. Cheers
  2. Starting a game with Posh today, what formation do you guys suggest I use and what tactical instructions?
  3. Anyone remember a young spanish striker called Alex Fernandez, could be got on the cheap and used to bang them in, FM 07 maybe?
  4. Just had this guy come through my ranks and turned him into a world beater, I ususally play him as a target man. What sort of instructions should I give him?
  5. Got this striker to come through my ranks and turn into a world beater, how would you guys reccomend i play him and what instructions should I give him?
  6. Came through my Reading youth team, took him to Man City when I got offered the job
  7. Can you upload the reading tycoon save on a different site?
  8. I cant seem to find how I create a new training schedule! Any help appreciated
  9. I have downloaded fmrte but it is asking me to activate it by entering my activation key, does anyone know where i can find this?
  10. Im just wondering, how i would go about starting a network game so i can play against my friend?
  11. Okay so ive downloaded geniescout now, but when i go to load my game on it it comes up witht he message steam read error. Any ideas?
  12. Is there nowhere else you can get geniescout from?
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