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  1. Our best season in Belem! And..we finally had a great end of season run? And we're getting Champion's League football next season??? We're losing Sessegnon at the end of this season, and we lost Cardoso in the January transfer window with a bid from China that our board accepted and wouldn't back down from While Cardoso wasn't haven't a great season, he was our best midfielder attribute-wise by far..but, we finished 4th without him so maybe we'll be fine. Not sure why Jean-Paul doesn't have a rating, must be a bug, but he has been solid like always in goal. Intake Preview The Intake Sami is the first player we've had that is explicitly from an affiliate (Tours). I have signed all the players from all of my youth intakes, but this is the first time where I think the 2 stars and lower will have 0% chance of making it--occasionally, in the past, they have surprised me and ended up being capable backups. Well, let's see how we do with this newfangled Champions League thing next season! I still think we are weak at defense BUT, I do have options there who are all around the same level...
  2. Interesting. I've never noticed this happening before up until today when my Model Citizen player dropped to Driven and I couldn't understand why (no message about the change).
  3. Another season down in Belem. We needed a win, or draw, for a European spot and well, business as usual in losing our final league match and poor end of season form. Still though, a SIGNIFICANT improvement over last season where we finished 11th with a -17 GD, so real yo-yo from season to season. We finished 1 point and 1 league place off our best finish Probably a good thing that we missed out on European football, as we still have poor defenders and the 3rd and 4th best CDs and backup fullbacks are well off the starters so I'm not sure we can afford to be in so many competitions next season without sacrificing one of them. Losing Fiel at the end of the season, but he didn't score too many this year. Perhaps his heart wasn't in it anymore. 2 players in the running for young player of the season (Renato won) Intake Preview The Intake
  4. You make me want to re-start this challenge in Spain whenever you post. Namely, because this club is from Gracia which is the neighborhood one of my closest friends currently lives in and is quite a nice neighborhood with lots of squares. In FM20 I picked a random team in the Tercera from the Balearic Islands, liking their colors and badge, and it ended up being her village team (CE Andratx)! I only ended up getting them to LaLiga 2 though...
  5. Belenenses 3rd Season in the Primeira (2028-29). So last season we finished 6th and qualified for the Europa Conference League, somehow. We also lost our 2 best defenders at the end of the season. Unsurprisingly, our defense suffered immensely this season, with more goals allowed than our first season up (59 this season, 47 when we finished 13th in our first season here.. and 29 last season). Thankfully we have some better goal scorers now, 42 now vs 28 2 season ago. Our form at the start of the season ensured we were not worrying about relegation, but damn... Oh, and the Europa Conference League? We crashed out in the Quarter Finals, at home. Those Belgian teams are tough. When our Fourth Qualifying Round Match gave us Krasnodar, I assumed we were out then..but we beat them 4-0 at home which really sealed our group round entry. We also reached the Final in the Taca da Liga, losing to Porto ofc. We've had horrid end of season form for a while now, none worse than this one though. Next season I'll be testing out some less intensive tactics, as maybe the gegenpress and counterattacking tactics are wearing the players out too much. The only player I'm losing at the end of the season here is Savinho, to Milan. They came in the offseason, off the back of our 6th place finish, and they agreed to an end of season transfer. The only other players facing bids during the season were my attackers, Pataca and Fiel, but they were lowball offers and I wasn't worried about them becoming unsettled. We've got a new stadium in the works. Intake Preview Even as we're in the top and our players improve, we keep getting "Golden Generation". Probably because we're still not *as good* as the top teams in the league, and our now max level everything (training + youth training, recruitment, youth coaches) keeps churning out players at least at our current level. The Intake A Model Citizen! And he's our top guy! Whoa. Don't think I've ever gotten a Model Citizen in an intake in my history of FM. And, yet again, another 2 GKs. ooo and a Moldovan! To sum it up, we did **** in the league, got to the final of the league cup, and the quarter final of the Europa Conference League. We only lost a mercenary midfielder going into next season, so I'm expecting improvement. Oh, and Portugal is now ahead of France in league reputation so we have better European qualifying slots.
  6. Have you improved the reputation of the Icelandic league much?
  7. Personality is the most important to me, anything else is just bonus
  8. Belenenses 2nd Season in Liga NOS (2027-28). We somehow finished 6th, with puts us in the 2nd Qualifying Round in the Europa Conference League! This is my first time in FM playing in this league, so I'm not sure how tough it is or our chances but I'm excited to see what this is all about--assuming we can make it to the group stage. You'll notice here that Porto has 2 losses. Guess who ended their nearly 2 full season (league) winning streak? YEP. How though? I don't know. I don't expect to beat them again for a while.. The good news is that I finally have a striker better than Soares (2, actually) and that I'm getting goals from everywhere on the pitch. The bad news? Manchester United and Tottenham came calling for my starting defenders and the backups are a clear step down... Also, 2 seasons ago, some clubs came hard for Renato Valente, which thankfully I was able to fend off and look how he performed for me this season! Intake Preview Oh wow, TWO good keeper prospects, surprise surprise. I really wonder what is causing so many keeper prospects year after year. The Intake Quite a good group I must say. I wish I could re-train some of those keepers to other positions! At least when the big clubs come calling for my keepers I know I'll have someone waiting in the wings, but seriously, soon every club in the leagues below are going to have my keepers on loan. This season I loaned my backup keeper to a fellow Liga NOS club and he came in 3rd in keeper of the year! Onward to our first attempt at getting into the Europa Conference League. Not sure how we'll do with losing our 2 best defenders, but I know I'm lucky to lose ONLY them with my high flying. At least we have $20m in the bank now, so I'm less worried about the board going over my head to accept offers for our players...just have to convince the players to keep re-signing now..
  9. I hold onto them until they're no longer useful. Skill-wise get rid of them when they're the 3rd best or so, or hold onto them for mentoring purposes if they have good personalities.
  10. That second one might be a decent player based on what I've seen with how poached players stars work.
  11. Belem 2026-27, our first season in Liga NOS! aaaand we somehow survived. As you can see in our final match, the team really wanted to stay up Happy to finish above Famalicao who took my favorite player at the end of the last season... If you recall, coming up from the Second League, we lost 4 of our starting 11, so I was not hopeful. Porto had an invincible season, so we know how good they are. Only 7 of 18 teams have a positive GD, so more teams in the bottom than top here! I showed this in my last post, but here are our transfers to show what we lost... our best defender, best defensive minded midfielder--both of whom were very versatile for us, our best winger who was also our top scorer, and our starting keeper. Intake preview. I think we've had a "golden generation" every single season, and it hasn't disappointed so far. The Intake You know, I was thinking how I wanted to cancel our Angolan affiliate this season (but it's hardcoded, you can't.. ) and then our top 2 prospects ended up being Angolan (though neither born in Angola, so they didn't come from our affiliate)! I now have French (Tours) and Romanian (Csíkszereda--which, interestingly, FM uses the Hungarian name instead of the Romanian one: Miercurea Ciuc) affiliates that allow them to send players to train, in addition to the Angolan and the Cape Verde ones that Belenenses starts with. And, yet another good GK prospect with a good personality. We also seem to be getting more prospects from Lisbon, our home, as we gain reputation, though as you can see they are not our strongest. Sometime in the distant future we'll be top of Lisbon and have our pick of the best regens... Onwards to our 2nd season in Liga NOS!
  12. Set For Release means you're getting rid of them at the end of the contract (i.e., telling them you're not renewing their contract). It helps to do this if you plan to not re-sign some high wage players so they won't show as impacting the next season's wage budget and can thus sign players for the future despite not having room in the current season cap.
  13. The only time someone complained was when I experimented with a 2 week fine for like a 5.6 performance. My captain (16 leadership, resolute) got them to drop it and I haven't tried a 2 week fine again.
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