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  1. I tried the Moldovan league, but the rules require a certain # of EU players despite Moldova not being in the EU...which makes it unplayable. Otherwise, thank you so much for the great work here!
  2. I've had Canvey Island and Salisbury come up as well. St Neots starts already in the league below (check the first page again).
  3. https://mega.nz/#F!oK4QAYDT!7WphMAxI2xwIpKXP3SZqXA Uploaded a folder with my reloads plus a June 24 save so you can reload yourself if you want. All UK & Ireland loaded. ~30,000 players. Started with the full game. The lowest rep team I got to come up was Sutton Coldfield. Includes: Barwell, Basingstoke, Coalville, Dorchester, Dunstable, Farnborough, Farsley, Folkestone, Harrow, Kettering, Leatherhead, Met Police, Mickleover, Nantwich, Rushall, Folkestone, Stafford, Sutton Coldfield, Thurrock, Weymouth, and Witton. Plus, the usual cast of high rep teams that come up often in re
  4. Here's a Met Police save for the lovers. Any St. Neots out there? I have some other saves uploading at the moment that I haven't seen elsewhere. https://mega.nz/#!tDIjVQhD!rhDDMRZTrse8ChaiLuXTBfIwSxpt9LC_aSbaWwbfqiM
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