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  1. Forgot just how good your Football Manager career threads are! Absolutely loved your first, missed the second but looking forward to this one. Brilliant start in La Liga, I spent a few seasons there with Betis but could never quite do enough to crack the big boys. Good luck for the remainder of the season.
  2. Savva looks awesome...shame his GK rating couldn't be a bit higher though! ;-)
  3. Excellent career so far. Superb management for promotion, well done. Btw, Inter Milan relegated??!!!!
  4. Can't we reincarnate a Chris Ord for you? Looks like a tough season ahead not much you can do put your head down and ride it out. Grimsby may start to look like a dream job come the end of the season! Good luck...
  5. Well well, just found your new career thread. Very pleased to see such good progress so soon. Would stay where you are for the time being. Like others have said you've got a new ground on the way, more money coming in (if the loan repayments aren't too high) and I think the fans would like to see what you can do for the club this season. You can secure full time contracts now I assume so should give you some more stability. Stick around. PS. If the loan repayments are too high, speak to Carol Vorederman. She can consolidate them into one easy to afford payment! Keep up the good work
  6. Apologies for lack of posts!! Will make sure I am more regular on your next thread. I can honestly say this is the best thread I've followed though for an fm career. Am looking forward to next installment! In terms of game challenge I'd like to see you go for world domination and win league, cup etc in every playable league. Probably keep you going well past the release of FM14!. Whatever you do I shall follow in eager anticipation. Good luck with final season, make it a good one. Why not go out and blow all your transfer budget!
  7. Sir, May I say I read with great sadness at the announcement of S.Longstaff's intention to retire at the end of this season. I have followed his varied and illustrious career from his first days in grass roots Turkish football through to his triumphant European campaign with A.C.Milan. He has most certainly provided us with great entertainment and enjoyment in every season he it domestically or internationally. He is truly an asset to this country and football as a whole. I fully understand his decision to retire his wife and family have supported him totally throughout his career. I would however like to appeal to our King William and Queen Kate that he be honoured with a knighthood for his outstanding services to the world of football management. Yours sincerely Mcotton
  8. Welcome to the bundesliga. Been here 4 seasons with Hertha, good league to be fair. Think you made the right decision in moving. Life can goat a bit stale when your heart isn't in the club. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with Cyprus too. Good luck!!
  9. I like to leave it a fortnight or so before I catch up on your thread, makes it more enjoyable reading! Must say good on you for making the move across the city. I assume you have 24 our security accompanying you in and around Manchester incase of rogue City fans? Don't think your wife and kids could have stood another move to be fair though, so probably your only option to stay local. Good turn around with Man Utd, they seem to have been wandering into the abyss before the 'Saviour' of football came along to breathe some new life into them. By the looks of the squad when you took over most of them would have been turning up for training on the Ring and Ride service! Or have the advances in sporting physiotherapy made it possible to play upto national retirement age in the year 2023? Good luck with the season, shall catch up again soon...
  10. Have just played a complete season with the new tactics. Managing Lincoln City in the BSP and have just finished in top spot. Tactics worked well for me, but you must have good defenders and as with previous tactics DR and DL need high pace and positioning as I found out pretty soon on! Final league figures; P46 W32 D5 L9 GF105 GA58 GD+47 Scoring was not a problem. I had Pablo Counago and Ryan Taylor upfront for nearly every game of the season, finished as the top 2 scorers in the league. Defensively I found that we conceded an awful lot of goals, especially away from home. However, I persevered and resisted the temptation to change and in the end we held out until the end of the season. I will admit though that my defence was not great and this shows. All in all though an excellent tactic, bring on League 2!
  11. I'm assuming this is a scouting mission of Europe that you are going on?
  12. Have just caught up on your thread again, 6 pages of thrilling reading since I last looked! Congratulations with Liverpool, hope they can continue what is now a tradition for them. Interesting move back to Turkey, at least you already have a feel for the footballing atmosphere there from previous experience. Completely agree with your Hoffenheim decision, I think uprooting your family again and moving could have detrimental effect and certainly put a strain on your marriage, not to mention moving kids from schools especially one country to another. You expect loyalty from players, why shouldn't they expect loyalty from you With regards England, you were quite right to speak your mind. Qualification is qualification after all whichever way you look at it. The FA don't deserve your managerial expertise and I feel they may come out with a statement in the near future regretting the way they treated such a bright young manager. Good luck with the rest of the season, I feel you can make GS a dominant force on the European scene. Looking forward to reading much more.
  13. Have just spent the last 2 days reading through your thread. Absolutely epic. Well done on the progress so far!! Started a similar game myself last week, currently with Gold Coast United in Australia although some w*nker by the name of Harry Kewell just put 3 past me!! Keep up the good work, you have a new follower PS. Hoffenheim manager already under pressure in my game, I could put a word in for you?
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