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  1. As the title says. Anyone?
  2. Where do I check the media prediction in mid-season? Board expectations are "respectable positions" 7th is hardly a disaster, just shouldn't be letting in insane amounts of goals
  3. Simple. If the high line's not working and my CBs are very good in the air, try to take advantage of it
  4. I'd argue Dortmund haven't at all this season Alrighty, I'll go back to a deep line and see if we stop conceding once the players get used to it. Thanks guys. I'll report back later on.
  5. Thanks Fullbacks at 48 in 14 games (no goals) and 41 in 12 games (no goals) One CB at 33 in 14 (1 goal) and the low work rate lumbering hulk at 59 in 16 (3 goals)
  6. Thank you for the reply. My fullbacks have tons of all of the above, and the DM....well he's Sven Bender But the center-backs lack work-rate. You think that might be the problem? Again, I don't really concede from balls in behind, it's always when the entire defense is in position. (EDIT: I did try to have a deep defensive line with no offside trap and little closing down for a few games, but I conceded even more goals) Indeed, this has helped. Moving them to MR and ML. It's still bad, but not terrible as it was before. The other thing I changed was the Anchor man to 'close down much less'. He was getting dragged out of position and leaving a hole in front of the defence. I was thinking that since I'm pressing so aggressively, tight marking will mean my players are closer to the opponent when the ball shifts to their side of the pitch and they start pressing, as well as close down passing lines. I'm not well versed on the advantages/disadvantages of tight marking or when it should be used, would you enlighten me? On another note, it seems that going back through all the games where I ship a lot of goals (the ones I lose), my defenders all have 5.8-6.0 rating. Like, all of them every time. They can't be consistently having a bad day as a group, it's clearly something I'm doing wrong.
  7. Funnily, after a couple days of tinkering with no results, I think I may have solved it immediately after posting this. Will do a few more games to be sure, but I would still LOVE to get feedback from you guys
  8. A little bit of context: in S1 with Werder I finished 9th, then 3rd in S2. Now in S3 I'm hovering around 7th. We score goals for fun and offensively we have no problems, but defensively it's usually a disaster. When we win we tend to "only" ship 1, but when we lose we usually lose by a ton of goals. Hopefully you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong, as I keep tinkering and it's only gotten worse. Here's the basics. Individual instructions are Close Down Less and Pass it Shorter, both on the centre-backs. I know the first things that jump to mind are probably that the fullbacks won't defend and the defense will be vulnerable to through balls, but oddly the fullbacks are never caught out by counters and almost all the goals we ship are 'continued attack' with the defence well in placeThe problem seems to be the defenders just watching as the attackers next to them score, I can't figure out why exactly. Thanks guys
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    If I'm not mistaken, this is a prominent forum member
  10. Holy hell I think you did I couldn't buy a win in my current save. Loss after loss and rock bottom morale. Set your tactic and insta-win after win after win...
  11. Zlatan comes to mind on about 5 different occasions Wearing a look of pure fear and then missing
  12. In before 'it's intelligent facial positioning'
  13. 70% of earth is covered by water. The other 30% are covered by Ochoa