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  1. i think it was this one if i remember correctly edit - from my posts i see this one was very good too
  2. exactly, i said before in fm18 you had one of the best tactics and it was a 4312 from my tests but the tactic was unnoticed
  3. Knap - can you make a 4312 narrow formation tactic since i lately saw a lot of youtubers playing long carrers with this formation and haven't seen any kind of this tactic i would be happy to test it
  4. TFF - had a test with Juve using Raptor and the results were awful in relation to what i have achieved with Norwich, do you think Predator is better than Raptor for Subtop or Top teams?
  5. Knap generally do you pick up set pice takers like corners throw ins? Tactical breafings do you leave it to the ass man or you skip it? I'm trrying new Sympathy with Norwich so far so good
  6. Great work TFF top tactic, by far the best i tried Using Raptor, played whole season without Holiday and instant results, general training team talks and press Ass Man. Played without reputation and licences
  7. excellent at the moment, will post results at the end of the season
  8. haven't tried stargazing but i will try for sure and post results here
  9. just want to share so Knap can see for further ideas tactic is not mine https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1943852049 for me currently the best performing tactic
  10. this seems to be the only way to go, playing with sicilian 4222 and started thinkering with the mentality against west ham will do a new test using beowulf and i will change the mentality
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