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  1. when i load the tactic the game crashes FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032507 (2017.10.31 20.34.47).dmp
  2. just tried again but still the same thing happens
  3. cleared cache preferences verified integrity again, set small screen at launch options again the same
  4. yes i got rid of everything from graphics folder cleared cache preferences verified integrity installed direct x from scratch
  5. tried makeing exceptions like mentioned in the link and even turning off windows defender but it doesn't work installed fm touch 2017 and it works edit - the problem starts as soon as i made changes in graphics folder and checking "Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences"
  6. after i resolved the previous problem, i completly formated my PC installed again everything with graphics again similar error pops up. Now i've deleted all graphics cleared cache preferences checked drivers dx and NET framework but there is no way to make it work
  7. solved deleted all preferences reinstalled the game again
  8. i reinstalled the game removed all the graphics i added facepacks skins to default but i'm still getting the same error. any tip help
  9. of course, from the upper test i made i can say the weakest point IMHO in that formation was when the other team puts you under pressure in your own half nobody is able to collect long and high balls that defenders fire towards the opposition. Probably because the the fornt trio drops too deep
  10. can you upload this tactic i would like to try it since i had brilliant results with a similar formation from another topic