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  1. which flat midsomer you use home, F9 or AF for two strikers?
  2. starting right away a test with swansea, Roosler put the player requirements like you did before please
  3. Knap would it be a good plan to use pilgrimage 451 home and argus 451 for away games along with the argus 451 SUS
  4. Knap this one is rock 'n' rolling
  5. kun please write the most important attributes for all positions it would very helpfull, i'm playing with swansea and i will post results Thank you
  6. i agree, tried with ager aketxe, his average was rating after 20 games was 6,7
  7. going to do proper test with Swansea, it would be excellent if you can write the essential attributes for volante mezzala and wide midfielders. I'm struggling to find proper players for this positions this year Thank you
  8. Knap is this the best 442 in your opinion? what's the best combination for wm players left foot on left and right on right or inverted
  9. have you used opposition instructions?
  10. every test i made was with swansea and with the majority of the tactics i tested after 10 games i'm rock bottom (without any transfer), exceptions are Knap's 4213 343 and this one
  11. Mr U Rosler - the 352 is going really strong, all games were played on attacking mentality
  12. i tried 4231 with swansea twice, both time i struggled really. Going to try the new tactic, can you put player attributes requirements like you posted on the first page Thank you
  13. last year it was the same, most people claimed 343 352 and similar were best formations for FM17, but IMHO the best tactic you made was the narrow 4312
  14. Knap this tactic is by far the best around and the most overachieving, i tried most of the tactics from this and other forums
  15. going to try the tactic, i had great success with your other similar tactic, can you post player requirements like you had in the other thread