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  1. Come off it, a club would not change its stance from £30m being unacceptable to £8m being acceptable just because the player wants to leave. If anything surely the club would go back to the club who originally offered £30m trying to get the best deal possible?
  2. On a slightly related note, it does bug me that with almost every goal I concede the commentary is "[Goalkeeper] never saw it!" or "[Goalkeeper] didn't move!". Why are the opposition constantly scoring these unstoppable thunderbolts that whizz by my Keeper without giving him even a chance to save it?
  3. Hi, I'll be getting a new 7" tablet soon and would love to get FMH. However, I was just wondering what other people's experiences of playing on a 7" screen are? I'm a little concerned that it might be too small but would welcome comments from others before I download the game! Cheers.
  4. Currently playing with Pompey on FM12, who as you probably know begin the game in receivership and with a 10 point deduction. I'm now in January and have shipped out 10 high-earning first team players, cutting the wage bill to well below the £140k budget and bringing in c£5m in transfer fees (which, unfortunately, didn't last long due to the mammoth monthly debt repayments). My question is: When are the club likely to come out of receivership? Don't get my wrong, I'm enjoying the financial challenge and am living with the fact that if any bids come in for players the receivers are likely to accept. However I'd expected that when I got the wage budget down to an acceptable level the club would leave receivership and I'd at least be able to get some players in on loan. I'm currently £38k below the wage budget but still in the hands of the receivers. Any ideas when the club might be able to conduct transfers again, or is it up the receiver's discretion?
  5. One thing I'm noticing now more than ever is that with non-league clubs it seems incredibly difficult to sign players on loan. I am currently Stockport and started in the Skrill North. I managed to get a few young lads from Carlisle, Bristol Rovers and Oxford on loan which I thought was realistic for that level, although there were countless other L1 and L2 youth and reserve players whose clubs, for whatever reason, didn't feel a loan move to me would be in their best interests. After gaining promotion, there now seems even fewer players willing to join me on loan. The best I can does is a young 17 year old striker from L2 Northampton who is pretty cack. However, IRL I know for a fact that young players from clubs as high as the Championship go out on loan to non-league sides. Just this summer Dimitar Evtimov, a young, highly-rated 'keeper at my club Forest, was loaned out to Nuneaton in the Conference Premier. As a non-league club I rely heavily on the loan market and it feels like it's unrealistically difficult to sign players who not only would improve my squad, but IRL would probably be willing to join us on loan.
  6. Sounds like you've got a good save going but I'd give it at least a couple of seasons before concluding that it's too easy. As you probably know, Napoli are 2nd IRL in Serie A and I believe they've won something like 8 of their last 10, so it sounds like you're about on par with where you should be. I'd wait to see how you get on in the rest of the season; if you don't win the league then see if you can mount a better push for it next season, but if you do win the league then see how difficult it is to retain it.
  7. I agree with a previous suggestion that being able to train a player on a specific attribute would be a good addition, along with setting them to train in a new position (although I appreciate you've said you just need to play them there for the latter). Must be difficult trying to find the balance between full game and classic, but I these are the two main things I miss.
  8. I think the full game is a little too detailed and in-depth for me now so I'm going to give Classic Mode a go tonight. I had a quick play around on the demo and just have a couple of quick questions before I start (apologies if these are obvious or have been addressed elsewhere): 1. Is there any way I can train a player in a new position or to improve on a certain attribute, as I couldn't find this in the demo? 2. Can you change the appearance of a player's attributes so they look like they do in the full game mode, as opposed to having colourful blocks around the numbers? Thanks.
  9. As somebody who completely skipped FM13, early signs suggest that FM14 is a big improvement on the FM12 I'm used to. The layout and navigation are different, and as somebody who has their matches on 'only commentary' the match screen was a bit of a shock with all the info on one screen, but I'll get used to that. The only real issue I've found is that there seems to be a high amount of instances where one team scores and the other equalises straight away (both in my favour and against). Not a massive issue though and wont ruin my game. Looking forward to getting home tonight and properly starting my career with Stockport.
  10. Hi all. Every time I save and close FM12, it restarts itself. Anybody know why this might be and what I can do to resolve it? It's starting to get pretty annoying! Thanks in advance
  11. The fans wont give you much of a chance if you call us Notts Forest!
  12. I see the issue of numerous managers being sacked on the same day is still in FM13.
  13. The Lascelles example isn't unrealistic either. Arsenal and Spurs were reportedly interested in him last season and it was thought that Forest would want £5m.
  14. I echo these thoughts exactly. Compared to previous FMs it feels like on each page there is tons of information trying to be crammed in. For example, I like to play my matches on only commentary and theres so much info on the screen at once I don't know where to look. Find it difficult to navigate compared to previous FMs and as previously stated, everything seems to take too much effort. I also cancelled my pre-order after playing the beta version and am happy to stick with FM12 for the next year at least.
  15. Got to say that after spending much of the weekend playing the BETA version I am really unimpressed. I appreciate that this is not the full version but we can get a general feel for what FM13 will be like and I really am not keen on the new game. It has taken a backwards step with the layout, particularly during a match. I am still stuck in the dark ages and play my games on only commentary, but there is far too much going on on the screen. It seems like you've tried to just cram as much info onto the screen as possibly. The game doesn't run anywhere near as smoothly on my laptop either. It feels quite 'clunky'. A couple of things I liked were the interview with your new chairman and transfer deadline day is much improved. However, unfortunately this is not enough for me to spend £30 on the new game and for the first time since CM 01/02, which was my first ever CM/FM game, I will not be purchasing the new game after I cancelled my pre-order last night. I'm happy to stick with my long-term save on FM12 this year in the hope there is major improvements on FM14. Just my opinions of course
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