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  1. 2 questions regarding tutoring: -How long does it take for tutoring to become available to a senior player again? One of my players has tutoring greyed out since April - the game month is now July - and it says this topic has been used recently. He's not tutoring anyone right now and he's not learning a preferred move. -I have 2 players, one is a senior and the other 18y/o, the senior one has continental rep. and is considered a key player, the younger one a national rep. and a rotation option, they're both natural center backs. The younger one doesn't appear on the senior player's tutoring list. Thanks
  2. Hi I have a question regarding player tutoring. On what basis does the game select young players that will be available as tutees to a certain senior player? For example, I have a player whose positions are d/wb/m/AML and when I go into tutoring screen, his available tutees are, among a bunch of u18 players, three young CB's from my first team (aged 18, 19 and 21) and a amr/ST (who is 17) - but not my first team LB/wb who is 18, or my 4th young first team CB who is 20. Where is the logic behind that? If anything, that LB seems as the most appropriate choice for tutoring. And why is my 4th CB omitted? And this is not the only case, I have a ton of senior MC/AMC players who can't tutor my youth in the same position, I have a bunch of senior CB's who can't tutor those very same CB's that were available for tutoring to the d/wb/m/AML player... Why?
  3. Club: Derby County Budget: 300k Looking for: ST, CB, RW, LW <- obviously not all four considering my budget, just one player that fits one of these positions would do. Season: January 1st season
  4. Has that EVER happened in real life? I'd say no, it hasn't. I mean seriously, they get called up and you just can't do anything. Leonardo Bittencourt is my first team starter with 18 assists (second in Bundesliga only to Robben) and 6 goals, Yaya Sanogo my only striker sub with 13 goals in 16 appearances, and they just LEAVE??!! Btw, I had a 2 point lead on the last day with a **** Hertha Berlin squad, lost the match because I hit the woodwork three times AGAIN. Lost the Bundesliga as well. I guess playing Macedonia, Slovenia and Greece in order to qualify for the tournament is much more important than Bundesliga. I'm sorry for the language but I'm pretty ****in pissed off right now.
  5. Try Alex Serrano, Malaga bought him on my game so I don't know how he's progressing, but he looked decent at the beginning. I see you all bought Azpilicueta for around £10m in your games, in mine Marseille want £49m for him, stupid *****. And Arteta thinks that playing for Bilbao would be a dream come true for every player, unfortunately Arsenal won't sell a 30-year old player who's not even that good, but has a bad injury record. And I wanted to buy him for around £10m though it was pricey, but he would be a good tutor for my regens, and a good option both for CM and AMR. And I could afford to spend a little more. Wasn't even close Now I sit here with £60m in my bank, £34m transfer budget, a bunch of 16-year old's and no one to buy. End of season 1. Is Natxo Monreal worth spending £11m on?
  6. My club has excellent youth facilities and top training facilities (both upgraded twice since the beginning of the game), but the youth recruitment network is still only above average, and since the beginning this topic has been greyed out in the board conversation menu - how do I improve this? I manage a Slovene club which has regularly won 1st division and has also competed very well in Europe, my financial balance is extremely high, I have some reputable international players, but my youth intake is absolute garbage every year so I don't know what else to do regarding this problem. Any suggestions?
  7. I have a question regarding training workload. There are a few players who are unhappy with their high training workload, even though they are on the same schedule as several other players who are don't have any complaints. The problem is that I don't really want to assign them to an easier training because their stats are increasing rapidly, they are fit for every match, their morale is superb (the whole squad's morale is due to our league position) and they've stayed injury free so far (it's december of the 1st season) - so I don't really see a reason for changing their schedules. So I'm asking what are the possible consequences if I leave them with their current schedule, do they become generally unhappy or what? And what do you do in these cases? Thanks for your replies.
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