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  1. with the latest wave of cpus offering serious parralel processing grunt are we going to see some decent multi thread support this year? same with support for large amounts of ram rams cheap multi core cpus are rife even my 10 yr old mac is 12 cores 24 threads and 64 gig of ram these days.
  2. the thing is multi screens doesnt need much in the way of gpu horsepower. most onboard gpus even on a laptop will happily output to 2 4k displays at the same time, hardly need 60fps for FM now
  3. told myself I wasn't buying it this year and i'd skip a version. being the weak willed fool that I am i'm slipping. anyone got a good deal on that includes beta access?
  4. prolly get the sack shortly anyway dropping 15 million on a left back as I didn't have anything worth developing in my own ranks
  5. playing as celtic and just starting my second season, one of the board requests this year is high profile signings but I don't really get what they want I've signed a younger prem left back for 15 million who is going to be a massive star for the team 4 1/2 star potential currently 3 1/2 and going straight into the team, and I've also signed Damien duff with 50+ caps on a free but still neither is listed as a high profile signing, what should I be targeting?
  6. having a lot of slow down on my game 3 seasons in and i'm wanting to try deleting the multiple thousands of scout reports that have built up to see if that helps speed the game up does anyone know how to delete the reports?
  7. i was asked to select preseason at the start of my second season, iirc it ranged between 3 and 7 weeks be good for getting guys back and fit prior to European qualifier games etc
  8. the ability to change the start date for pre season I hate my players and their having a 7 week preseason this year
  9. noticed this as well, only got England and Scotland loaded albeit full leagues but had a tremendous wait at the end of the transfer window 3-4 minutes, not what I would expect with the leagues loaded (large database and a overclocked 2600k 8 cores 4 real 4 HT running @ 4.9ghz
  10. first thing that springs to mind is for when talking about a player leaving a club
  11. DO IT !!!!!!!!! work wont miss you for one day, go out now buy some beer and prepare to waste your weekend
  12. too late flunked off work anyway now si make it worthwhile and give us the beta lol
  13. come on SI hit the button and give me an excuse to flunk off work tonight and have a few beers
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