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  1. I must say that I do not expect to pay £30 and then not be able to play the damned thing when I want. I do not think that verifying cache (twice). One major crash dump is an acceptable way to do a patch. Neil said that it is as easier than downloading from a patch from a website. Scenario 1. Buy game verify with Steam. Play game. no internet access due to Virgin repairing cabinet. Can still pay game no internet needed. Can patch when I want. Scenario 2. Buy game. Verify with steam. Unable to play due to Virgin reapairing cabinet as game requires steam to run. Unable to find fix as no internet access. Unable to play game. ****** off. This is not acceptable. Scenarios are fictitious but do happen. Not very impressed. Have brought game since 00/01. Maybe the last unless Steam is dropped. I have played Shogun 2 with steam doing updates without issue why cant they do it properly with FM.