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  1. Hey man, I was wondering if you could put player season stats on player profile screen, like this (on Nicholas 14 skin) :
  2. Very nice season, if it wasn't for those four 0-0 draws you would won . Will definitely try this tactic.
  3. Not bad for first league game Hopefully I can get promotion this season
  4. I have decided to give this a go, so here it is : FC United of Manchester. Inbox My profile Let's see how this is gonna work.
  5. hi guys. I 'm looking to start this but i have one question. can i use LFC Marshall's transfer update for this ?
  6. Looks great, will use it in my Everton squad, I believe that Jelavić is beast on STC.
  7. some very good results at the start of the season. thanks man for this wonderful tactic
  8. I'm conceding too many goals. Against Banik Ostrava i was leading 2-0 and then conceeded 5 in 20 min.
  9. what kind of players are MCs ? Are they defensive or offensive players ? BTW i'm testing this with Sparta Prague.
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