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  1. Tom Doyle is a free agent Source: https://www.kicker.de/763685/artikel
  2. Scott Wara has one international cap for Fiji Source: https://www.transfermarkt.nl/scott-wara/nationalmannschaft/spieler/454096/verein_id/13955
  3. Max Batchelor is at Team Wellington Source: http://www.twfc.co.nz/news-2/2019/10/25/batchelor-signs-for-team-wellington
  4. Oliver Whyte is at Team Wellington FC Source: http://www.twfc.co.nz/news-2/2019/10/23/team-wellington-sign-new-zealand-age-group-international-ollie-whyte Hamish Watson is at Team Wellington FC Source: http://www.twfc.co.nz/news-2/2019/9/28/team-wellington-re-sign-familiar-faces-with-the-return-of-watson-and-cameron
  5. Clayton Lewis back to Auckland City FC Source: http://www.aucklandcityfc.com/news/1053/12/Clayton-Lewis-returns-to-Auckland-City-F Rapheal Lea'i is playing for Henderson Eels Source:
  6. So I'm a silent reader of your story (not commenting or anyting like that) But I'd like to see how the National Team of New Zealand, more specifically the players clubs at the moment! Thanks in advance and keep up the good work mate. Love this kind of stuff
  7. No prob, was just an idea Nice work you've done by now, keep it up!
  8. No prob I'll just sign NZ players . Maybe it's an idea to leave Auckland City out of the A league and replace them with the former new zealand team which is now defunct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_Knights_FC
  9. Looks promising! And new zealand teams can qualify for AFC champions League? Or is it hardcoded?
  10. Hi @tommysvr absolutely love your database. I just have a question... I've been trying to put New Zealand Knights in the database and leave an other team out of the database... but when I do so in the editor the file got corrupted and it is now uplayeble.. (I even can't re-subscribe the file in Steam..) Could you please help me putting NZK in the database? Without any players offcourse. Want to start of with empty club Doesn't matter if its in the A-league or A-league 2. Thank you in advance!
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