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  1. Can't load my game.

    No problem. Thanks for checking anyway Alari, much appreciated I've learned my lesson, and make a manual save every now and again on my new career. Thanks again Alari!
  2. Can't load my game.

    Ok, thanks for looking I'll keep checking here for updates. Thanks again!
  3. Can't load my game.

    Awesome, cheers mate. I'm at work at the minute, but I'll email it to you tonight. And thanks for the response. Just like to say the after purchase care/support you guys provide for this game seems unprecedented from what I've seen on these forums. Other games publishers could learn a lot from you. Keep up the good work! Thanks again!
  4. Can't load my game.

    Hi Alari, the exact same thing has just happened to me. Would I be able to send you my save file to have a look at too please? I'd hugely appreciate it, as I was just about to play the last game of the season, 2 points clear for promotion from Blue Square North with Blyth... No easy feat I tell you haha Thanks in advance. ---EDIT--- Could you also advise if you managed to fix Yannn's save file? Just want to know whether I should be getting my hopes up or not... Cheers!