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  1. Interesting, thank you. I never realised that about Spanish football. See FM is an educational tool. Its annoying when I have to put a relatively low clause in a good prospects contract in order to get him to sign.
  2. After managing in the lower reaches of Portugal for a few years I have just had my big break, with Real Betis offering me a job. I have bought a few players and tied down the good youth players to longer contracts but noticed that you have to always put a minimum fee release clause in the contract. Is this true for all contracts in Spain? Or am I missing something. There is no option to remove it and it isnt locked as non negotiable by the agent. The drop down tab to remove it just isnt there. The obvious answer is to put them really high so they are irrelevant, but then players wont sign. I have never seen this before, does it happen IRL? Is it correct or am I missing the button?
  3. Hi everyone Apologies if this is in the wrong place or been covered before, I dont post often so am no expert. I am 5 season in a 'career' game. I started unemployed, interviewed for the Tondela job in Portugal and last season finished 4th qualifing for Europa League. Season before I finished 3rd and progressed though qualifying rounds to Champ League where we got found out! Anyway, the reason for my post is I am worried my career game may be ruined by the player interactions. More so losing the dressing room. We are ok at the moment, but a few players are unhappy so it could change. I just wondered if somebody could explain the editor to me. Where is it, does it cost money and can you turn off the player interactions mid game (if so how), or does it need to be done before you start the game. Before anyone comments, this would be my choice, its my game and if I want to do it then I can Thanks
  4. I think you are reading too much into it. Tyson has made a fair point. I think saving after every game is cheating and a waste of time, but, saving before you make a major decision in a career game, taking into account it is a complex 'GAME' whereby the computer may chuck in a weird decision every now and then is a good idea. That way you wont ruin 20 seasons of playing for the sake of the computer throwing up one dodgy outcome. Thanks for tip
  5. Interesting. I am debating resigning if we dont pick up after over the next 10 games or so. I dont fancy becoming a yo yo club. Although the board have committed to 8000 more seats, which takes 8 months to build in order to ensure I meet league regs. Good luck at Guimaraes!
  6. Thanks everyone, Funnily enough I didnt think of saving before I applied. Honest of me? Maybe. Stupid? Probably! I am only thinking of leaving Tondela because following promotion we have been destoryed in the first two games. Hopefully we will pick up!
  7. So I have started a new game unemployed and sucessfully interviewed for the Tondela job. In the first season we won the title and have been promoted to Portugal Premier League. Whilst I am not planning on leaving them yet, I do want to progress around Europe and manage other teams as my reputaton (hopefully) increases. My question is, how do you know what jobs it is realistic to apply for. For example, if I was to apply for the Barcelona job I wouldnt get it and my board would probably be annoyed and I may lose the dressing room. I dont want to just wait to be approached for jobs, as these offers may not come. So how do you know which jobs you are in with a chance of?
  8. How are you getting on with Tondela? I started unemployed and got offered the Tondela job. Was promoted as champ first season, but after 2 games in new season we are struggling, shipping 8 goals so far. The gulf in class is huge and the club have no money either.
  9. I tried everything, 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-2-2-1-1 and 4-2-3-1 in my first season. Like I said I havent played FM for 3 versions or so, so was just messing around really. I settled on 4-2-3-1 second season so I could get the best out of Coric, Sako and Jacobs, although as mentioned Evans exceled in the AM role. I have hopefully sorted out my full back issue for my first tilt in the premier league, I have signed Javier Manquillo on loan from Atletico Madrid and my big money signing was Rennes left back Cheikh M'Bengue for 5m, taking most of my 7m budget. Hansen, my keeper is out for 2 months injured so I signed a 40 year old Tomas Sorrenson on a free and have had to start Aaron McCarey. I have no money left! First game I finished with 9 men, but beat West Brom 4-3. Since then I lost to Walsal in the cup (rested my first team but still gutted), lost 1-0 to Liverpool, finishing with 10 men this time and then losing 3-2 to QPR despite being 2-1 up. My defence is not great at the moment due to the goalkeeping situation, plus Blackett and Stearman are both injured so I only have Batth who can play there as his natural postion. Appriciate I am bit unbalanced in CB and GK postion, but we are learning and deveoping. Plus have just had a great GK arrive in the new intake of youth players. Will try and get some screen grabs of my team if anyone is interested? I write this at work so not possible currently and this is all from memory.
  10. Afternoon all. Thought I would give an update of my Wolves game as I interestingly read yours. I havent played FM for 3-4 years so this was a baptism of fire. Lots of new things to learn. First season didnt go so well if I am honest. We finished 12th, no highlights, pretty dull season! I think the main struggle was getting the forwards to score. I couldnt get anything out of Dicko or Maynard and even tried Sigurdarson when he came back in January, but to no avail. Signings included Coric, Hansen (GK) and Taufer, with Maynard and Blackett on loan. Sold the usual suspects of Foley, Johnson, Margreitter, Clarke, Doyle and eventually Sigurdarson. Ikeme also went in the close season to West Ham as he wasnt happy on the bench. Also got rid of Golbourne as Norwich unsettled him. Played Ricketts and Rowe left back. Second season I signed Tyler Blackett on a free to complete with Batth and Stearman as CB, I used Ebanks-Landell as cover. I dont think the full back area is strong so I signed Cole Skuse from Ipswich, who were relegated, who can play DM and right back. Also signed a 32 year old Italian full back to play right back and somebody from Barcelona 'b' to compete in midfield (sorry I am work so cant remember there names!). Picked up Sanogo and Bonazzoli on loan to compete with Dicko up from as I had a distinct lack of forwards. I sold Henry as Wolves have too many wingers and Saville as I didnt rate him. I was trying to stick to a tactic in season 2, rather than jumping around like I did in season 1, so I went for 4-2-3-1.I wanted to start Coric more in the AM position as he is coming on well. After first 6 games we were bottom 3 : ( Then all of a sudden our luck turned and we couldnt stop winning. After about 15 games we were in the play offs, then we caught Fulham and Boro up at the top of the league and eventually opened a gap up. We won the league with 3 games to go. Bonazzoli played well up front, scoring 15 goals and Sanago and and Dicko contributed single figure returns. The real stand out player, and the main reason for me righting this.. was Lee Evans! Coric started in the position at the start of the season, but I rested him after a few games and played Evans and he scored two goals, becoming undroppable. He won young player of the year that season. Also I gave Aaron McCary 6-8 league games in goal to rest Hansen and he excelled as well. Stats are not good, but he was wanted by a number of teams so thought I would trust him and he didnt let me down. I am in the pre season for season 3 now. Slightly worried as I only have two forwards, Dicko (who I dont think can step up) and Bonazzoli on loan again. Also the full back area is weak. My Italian full back was home sick so I sold him and I am still not convinced by Skuse as he is a natual DM. Doherty is ok, but I dont think he can cut it in the Prem. My midfield seems ok, have McDonald in there and a young German I have loaned from Hoffenheim, plus picked up Nick Powell on a free for squad depth. I have 7million due to an overspend last year and not recouping much in sales out. I suspect a long season is ahead!
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