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  1. Has anyone figured out a good way to use Fellaini, esp. given his IRL renaissance? I've been trying him as a BBM(S) but he doesn't seem to be pulling it off at the moment
  2. On the right wing, would it be as AP(A) then?
  3. Has anyone figured out the best role to play Mata in yet? I've used him at AMC as a AP(S) and he's been meh. Not particularly good on the wing either.
  4. I'm having good results with Roo and RVP as DLF-A and Kagawa as AP-A. By the way, about to start 3rd season and I need a reliable left winger. Young and Nani are simply too inconsistent and Giggs, who was actually quite brilliant, has retired. I tried Bale but Spurs rejected by £51m offer.
  5. Can't offer any help here, but I'm having the exact same problems. Help anyone?
  6. Thanks. Is Hernandez used as a poacher or AF?
  7. I'm having a bit of trouble with RVP and my defence. I normally play with Rooney as a DLF and RVP as an AF and that works well. Against tougher opponents, I have Rooney drop back in the AMC hole as a Treq. Rooney typically performs well but RVP is absymal up front alone as an AF. Anyone have any idea what I should do with him? I should note that typically Mike Phelan notes in these games that my crossing isn't going well. Also, I'm having trouble against mid-table teams where I keep leaking goals. I have 60+% possession and am leading 2-0 but inevitably end up drawing 2-2. I'm not playing an extremely aggressive game. It's usually a control and balanced tactic iwith the following formation Scholes/Carrick (DLP-S) Fletcher/Dembele (BWM-S/D) Evra (FB-S) Vidic (CD-X) Ferdinand (CD-C) Rafael (FB-S) Any suggestions? I could tighten my formation by narrowing play and switching from control to standard but that seems silly against mid-table teams.
  8. I would do that too but Kagawa has been fantastic at AMC. Thanks. DLF S or A?
  9. May I know how is everyone playing Rooney and RVP? I'd like to use them both as forwards, but they're having trouble clicking together.
  10. ~Mancunia~

    OPZ Beam4 v. 2012 skin

    Love the skin, but is it just me, or do the linesmen in this skin look nude?
  11. Just can't get Giggs to perform. Have tried him as advanced playmaker (support), deeplying playmaker (support) and CM (support) and he always seems to average between 6.5 to 6.9!
  12. How's everyone been using Morrison and Pogba? They haven't been performing well the odd times I've thrown them into the first team. FWIW, I'm using Morrison in AMC as an attacking midfielder with attack duty and Pogba as a central midfielder with defend duty.
  13. Was moaning about Hernandez being injured for 6 months and sarcastically talking about how I'd have to rely on Michael Owen. Then he goes and does this...
  14. Very informative thread guys, thanks. Just wondering, how are you guys using Giggs, Fletcher, Cleverley and Berbatov? I'm thinking: Giggs (CM- Deep Lying Playmaker Support) Fletcher (CM- Ball Winning Midfielder Support) Cleverley (AMC- Support) No idea about Berbatov...