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  1. This tactic has been pretty special for me.1st season in championship with sheffield wednesday downloaded this tactic tried 2 tweak it for my players but had no luck.I think the main problem was the lack of a target man.So i decided to make my own tactic which got my promoted to the premiership.well pre-season i managed 2 purchase some fairly good players + Greg halford for peanuts,well pre season wasnt going to well so decided to use minimal fuss v4 again tweaked 2 my players strengths etc...lost the 1st few games but was playing good football.Roll on 14 games later and im sat nicely in mid-table with the second best defence in the league and target man halford is top scorer.ive lost 5 but 3 of them were to chelsea,man utd and arsenal all away in which its was by one goal.Ive got to say mate good stuff KUTGW
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