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  1. Ok, it now works after removing the editor data folder. I put all the other files other than editor data back and it still works. So a custom league or something was hanging the entire game right there. Still not sure what preference setting was causing the black screen issue before. Thanks!
  2. Ok, did that and reloaded Steam. Launched the game and it just sat at the loading screen for about 15 minutes. Closed game and verified game cache through Steam, and it still just sits on the FM2016 splash screen with the Loading changing languages in the bottom right corner. It used to load nearly instantaneously. Edit: Hour later still on that screen.
  3. After not playing FM for several weeks, I decided to launch today and this is what happens. I usually play in windowed mode so that's what it starts in. The game launches normally, I see the logos and then the pages with licenses and then it goes to this screen and just sits there. Alt-tabbing, opening task manager, etc nothing happens. I have verified cache, restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled, removed my editor data. Nothing helps.
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